Friday, April 12, 2019

223 | US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says public health figures needs to fight back against anti-vaxers on social media, April 12, 2019


  1. "Anti Vaccine"=========911 J
    "Freemasonic Symbol"====911
    "Mind Control Operations"==911

    "A Vaccine Kills"========911 J <<<<<<<

    "Vaccinate Idiot Goy"=====777 S
    "Initiate Patriot Act"======777 J
    "Order out of Chaos"===== 777 J
    "Code Name [Nine Eleven]"==777 E

    "The Idiot America Goy"===========911 J
    "Make America Great Again Operations"= 911 J

    "Code a Jewish Gematria Cypher [Nine Eleven]"=====3333 J
    "New World Order Government Agenda"=========3333 J

    "Four Three's Agenda Signal Code"=====911 J <<<<<<

    "Three Four's"====135, 135 RO <<<<< Gematriot
    "Four Three's"====135, 135
    "The Key of David"= 135

    "Signal Number"===135, 555
    "Agenda Code Key"==== 555

    "Five Five Five Code"==========2222 J
    "Hoax by the USA Government"====2222

    "Do What thou Wilt Shall be the Whole of the Law"===444, 555
    "September Eleventh Two Thousand One Attack"====444, 555
    "Hello from the New World Order Government"=====444
    "Project for a New American Century"===========444 RO
    "New World Order Government Agenda"========= 444 RO, 3333 J <<<


    1. "Center for Disease Control and Prevention Signal Number"===555 O
      "Hidden Skull and Bones Fraternity at Yale University"=======555 O
      "Do What thou Wilt shall be the Whole of the Law"==========555 RO

      "Follow the Three Five's Symbol"======333 K
      "Make America Great Again Agenda"====333 K
      "Hidden Gematria in Headline"========333 K
      "Three Three's in the Kabbalah"========333 K

      "The Gematria of [Three Three's]"========888 J
      "Gematria Communications"============888 J
      "Top Secret Operation"================888 J
      "A Big Fuck You"====================888 J

      "Triple Digits Sequence"================911 J
      "Triple Eight's Sequence"================911
      "Freemasonic Symbol"==================911
      "Mind Control Operations"================911

      "Mind Control"=====137 <<< 33rd Prime



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