Monday, May 16, 2016

133 | Love Wins Fag, Austin Gay Pastor drops accusations against Whole Foods

This story is some straight up bullshit.


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  2. Hate Yourself- --155

    Self Hate---76

    Go eat worms---136, 1313(J)

  3. This tired old propaganda scheme just keeps coming back. Remember all the hoopla over the wedding cakes for gays -- & how that was spun to divide people over the rights of the small business owner? But it IS "cost effective" -- a "proven propaganda tool for those on a tight budget". Who knew that those selling Behavior Management Tools had a "clearance aisle" -- just like Walmart? LOL ;D

  4. The Transgender bathroom stuff is so stupid I haven't really been following it. How much of a mouth breather does one need to be to fall for this nonsense?
    Is someone going to be guarding the bathroom to scan me before I go in there to make sure I'm not smuggling a dick? What if some soccer mom comes up to me and says I look a little manly? Will I be forced to show her my vagina? Ugh, when will the irony age be over?

  5. Bullies have been calling my home accusing me of owing them money and sending me hate messages through the mail threatening all kinds of financial ruin if I don't pay them now. These hate attacks have left me with severe ptsd. I am being terribly discriminated against and treated like a second class citizen when the grocery store rejects my bank card and I must leave empty handed. Please join me in condemning these horrible big bully banks.