Monday, May 2, 2016

146 | Chicago Cubs turned 146-years old April 29, 1870 (Chicago Cubs Power Outages from last season)

The Chicago Cubs, or CC, 33, turned 146-years old on April 29.

4/29 = 4+29 = 33

What is interesting about this age, is last year the Cubs had several power outages at games, including at Wrigley Field.  The phrase 'power outage' has gematria of '146'.


  1. Zach I find it Curious how the "G"In Freemasonry Stands For GOD.

    What does the Globe theory go with EVOLUTION=33

    Which Disproves God.

    TRUTH IN PLAIN SIGHT. I mean it is a wrap for this Globe LOL yet you want to believe Pythagoras when THERE IS NO PROOF.


    Give it up.... I mean can you at least say you don't believe the Globe or a Flat Earth?

    All the Fremasonic Imagery/Paintings depicts a Flat Earth with a God.


    You're "We are all Unknowing Satanists" comment with a Smirk......

    When did you get into Numerology?

    1. The Comment makes me curious/Suspicious.

    2. Flat -- 39/12/127
      Earth -- 52/25/194
      Flat Earth -- 91/37/321

      Flat -- 39/12/127
      Earth -- 52/25/194
      Theory -- 91/37/643
      Flat Earth Theory -- 182/74/964

      Eric -- 35/26/97
      dubay -- 53/17/607
      Eric dubay -- 88/43/704

    3. 911 in Roman numerals is IXXI. The double X refers to Saturn. Saturn between the two pillars. The double cross at the twin pillars. The two pillars often appear on masonic tracing boards with the double X or capital G. The XX is many time replaced with the compass and the square symbol. I you look close the symbol appears like XX or a double cross. In the blue lodge of course. In European or Revolutionary Red Lodges the Square and Compass is replaced with the Hammer and Cycle in the form of the 'G'. Now you know who's behind communism. The double cross at the pillars or the 'G' represents "Generative" powers that can bring new beginnings. The "New Work of Man". The New World Order" When the twin pillars are brought down, they are replaced with the Thirteenth Pillar, the New Order.

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