Tuesday, May 10, 2016

223 | Oklahoma City Thunder headlines, May 10, 2016

Notice below the clip is 2:05, or 125-seconds.

Big loss for the 'Spurs'.

93 PPG average, am I cheating?

In hindsight, I think 'Maniac' would have been a good name for Kobe Bryant.  He was a true sociopath in every sense of the word.  I'm still laughing about his fifty-shot final performance.

Maniac = 4+1+5+9+1+3 = 23
Maniac = 13+1+14+9+1+3 = 41



  1. Check this out Zach, I did some research on the horses that finished 2nd and 3rd in the Kentucky Derby. Also expanded on all the 99 connections for Nyquist.
    There is 99 on Nyquist, 88 & 333 on Exaggerator, and 51 on Gun Runner. Wanted to throw it out there; as always there is more to see that you can build on.

    Nyquist Runs & Guns to Derby Victory:

  2. Hey Zach, last nights game was Spurs & Thunders "33rd" playoff game against each other...... The next will be their "34th".....

    Spurs have won 19..

    OKC has won 14....

    The Spurs are 4-1 against OKC in the Playoffs....

    If they win this series they will be "5-1" ....

    If they lose, they will be "4-2"........ Both interesting numbers.


    Season All-Time Record:
    San Antonio Spurs 88 Wins
    Oklahoma City Thunder 72 Wins


    1. If Spurs go on to win this series they will have 21 wins over the thunder in playoff games.

      Spurs = 21
      Duncan = 21

      Not sure which way this goes

  3. None of this matters steph curry first unanimous in history gsw are going to the finals

    So it doesn't matter who they play if they Okc they mite sweep

    In unless curry get hurt I don't see lebron winning

    Curry is the new Jordan he so loved right now it's not funny there's no way he loses

    Jordan never lost in he's not losing

    1. Come on man. Curry ain't Jordan and what goes up must come down.

      "What goes up must come down" in the English Reduction system equals 93
      Spurs = 93

      Should SA advance, they will beat GS

    2. I doubt the Spurs win I mean look how the refs robbed them yesterday it looks like the nba wants Okc

      But if the Spurs do win there not beating gsw right now curry is the man

      It's hard to see him losing unless he gets hurt in gsw are a ratings bonanza no matter who they play

      Go check the ratings gsw last series is the highest of the playoffs

      Only reason to watch the playoffs is to hope gsw loses but we all know it's gonna be gsw vs cavs

  4. Westbrook walked into the building in all white with a skirt lol