Sunday, May 15, 2016

33 137 156 | CNN remembers May 17, 2015 "Waco Biker Shootout"

Recall that this event took place on May 17, 2015, the 137th day of the year.  Again, 137 is the 33rd prime, and 'Washington D.C.' has gematria of 137.  This incident had 'federal' agencies in close proximity, ready to responding, meaning it was another federal drill, in Waco, no different than what happened in 1993.

Checkout the emphasis on 'Outlaw Bikers', it might as well say 'Thirty-Three'.

Federal = 6+5+4+5+9+1+3 = 33

Again, 911 is the 156th prime.  In this "biker shootout", its was police, feds and not much else.


  1. Yeah, i remember that one. It made biker gangs look like retards who cant be trusted to gather in a restaurant like decent folk without it erupting into an episode of the Jerry Springer show. Hillary-ity.

  2. Random day count, only mentioning it because of the 6-9 flip theory some people play with, but from the last day of Sons of Anarchy, 12-9-2014, to the day of this event was 159 days.

  3. "Biker Gangs" = code for an amalgamated front operation consisting of FBI, DEA, ATF, DHS, etc. They muscle out any small-time up-&-comers, & ensure that the drug pipeline stays open & running smooth. Since learning (on here!) about what happened to all the motorcycle companies prior to WW2 -- except for H.D. & Indian -- I've come to the conclusion that it's ALWAYS been this way ... & they were NOT infiltrated & taken over (as I'd once thought).

    The "scary biker" image promoted via the 50s media was VERY effective at convincing Average Americans that the youth were all either running amuck, on the brink of doing so, or were being victimized by those who'd "already gone bad". The SOLUTION to rein in these "vicious animals"? Our PRESENT-DAY JUVENILE "JUSTICE" & COURT SYSTEM.

    Same ol' theme: Problem/ Reaction/ Solution. Plus the creation of a "two-wheeled trucking system" to help facilitate the "drug craze" ... ensuring that EVERY corner of the country -- no matter how remote -- would be affected.

    And now they're popping up in (seemingly) "random photos" taken at false flag events all over the world. Even (most disgusting to me) being HERALDED AS "PATRIOTS" -- "guarding" Military Recruitment Centers (post-"Chattanooga event") & the funerals of soldiers. It's the Hegelian Dialectic at work -- running both sides of the same coin ... ON THE TAXPAYER'S DIME. Grrr ...