Monday, May 9, 2016

33 58 | Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne separate after 33-years of marriage, May 8, 2016

I wonder if this is a tribute to the death of once Ozzy's guitarist, Randy Rhoads.


  1. Hey guys would be nice to see what you all think of this;

    I believe the key to the winner of the champions league and Europa league finals are all coded into the coaches. My picks where Real Madrid for the champions league and liverpool for the europa due to the obvious coding with their names and date numerology syncing perfectly with the date and venue of the finals.

    Both coaches of these two teams have a name gematria of 145

    Jurgen Klopp - 145
    Zinedine Zidane - 145

    Both these coaches have taken over these teams part way through the season.

    Zinedine Zidane took over on the 4/1/16 exactly 145 days before the champions league final.

    Klopp took over on 8/10/15 223 days before the europa league final.. Masonic = 223

    The date between klopp taking over liverpool and zidane taking over real madrid is exactly 88 days.

    We've seen 88 coding into other events lately, Trump = 88. Cavs just gone 8/8 in the play offs. Nyquist 8/8 and on his way to a triple crown.

    Just potentially more confirmation how all this is linked.. what do you guys think?

    1. unai emery (666/111) 2016 year of 666 with sevilla looking for 3rd straight europa title

      assistant coach Dmitry Cheryshev born may 11 (131st day)
      1st year with sevilla maybe they win europa or the Spanish cup

    2. They already won there 3rd straight title last year.

    3. I put money on Liverpool winning it I just had that feeling.. 2400$ is riding on this game. I believe my way of coding this game is the way forward.

  2. Osborne Out---144

    After Thirty Three Years of Marriage---367, 2022

    14 years 2 months 4 days(1424) since the debut of The Osbornes.

    1. Separate---85, think this story was supposed to be from yesterday??

    2. Mama, Im Coming Home---333(J)

      Released exactly 8824 days ago or 1260 weeks and 4 days or 24 years 1 month, 27 days

  3. The headline should read: The PRINCE of Darkness getting divorced!
    Whatever will happen with the petition to make WAR PiGS the national anthem?
    Interesting they are blaming a "Hairdresser affair" for the final split!

    1. War Pigs for National Anthem, love it! And good call on Prince of Darkness.

    2. Another Prince goes down. Looks like Hamlet the Prince of Denmark has finally quit waffling and is busy avenging his father's death. The body's are really hitting the floor.

    3. As the red haired Prince's Invictus Games begin

    4. Eggcellent, Prince Harry is number 2, the spare, the red headed joker.
      I'm the TV show, The Prisoner from 1967, number 2 is the one who is always trying to breAK the prisoner, #6, and trick him into giving up his secrets. There are several different actors playing number #2 (and even a woman once) thru out the series.

      Q: "Who is number 1?

      A: "You are number 6."

      Note that the non answer can be taken several ways.

      It's 20 16. Time to see who number 1 is.

  4. Ahhh, right "Victory Day" May 8 and May 9 in Europe and Asia.
    USA holds this as August 9 and the dropping of the nuclear bomb.

    1. Germany surrendered on May 8, Truman's birthday, the 33rd President.

    2. VE Day----57, 1110(J)

      Victory in Europe

  5. OZZY famously "Bit The Head Off A Live DOVE" during a meeting -- I believe it was then that Sharon became his manager (her father had been producing Ozzy prior to that, & the split caused a rift with her family -- at least that's the story ...).

    PRINCE is famous for singing about "When DOVES Cry". They're the ONLY singers with tight "Dove Connections". Sharon's rep for being akin to a Mafia Don always reminded me of Barbara Bush -- those who worked with Bush Sr. have consistently said she was the most terrifying, evil person imaginable, & that (this daughter of Aleister Crowley) had far more power over Bush Sr. (& Jr.) than we realize. Also, it was Sharon who paved the way for Kris Kardashian. Maybe we really ARE being lorded over by a Coven Of Witches! Lol ;D. :D

  6. Ha! I saw this stupid headline yesterday on Facebook. Btw, Zach, have you seen that a bunch of "new 9/11 photos" have come into public view because of some FOA request, but literally all they show is Bush sitting at different tables at the elementary school and later in the day the white house. It's a bunch of propaganda horseshit obviously, but I don't know to what end. They went on and on about it for freaking 10 minutes this morning on the local news I felt my eyeballs melting lol.

  7. Theory of Mine That I'm sure is a 100% true.

    Sharon Sells Records With Lies" in the English Ordinal system equals 329

    Sharon Sells Records With Lies" in the English Reduction system equals 122 / 149

    Osbourne Killed Winehouse and Rhoads" in the English Reduction system equals 149

    Sharon Osbourne Skull and Bones" in the English Ordinal system equals 333

    Kelly Killed Winehouse" in the English Reduction system equals 93 / 111

    Sharon and Kelly Witches" in the English Reduction system equals 93 / 111

    Sharon and Kelly Kill for Cash" in the English Reduction system equals 111

    Ozzy Osbourne Divorce" in the English Ordinal system equals 277

    Ozzy Osbourne Divorce" in the English Reduction system equals 106 / 115

    Osbourne's Skull and Bones" in the English Reduction system equals 79 / 106

    Osbourne's Skull and Bones" in the English Ordinal system equals 277

    Thirty Three Year Marriage" in the English Ordinal system equals 277

  8. Apparently now he is missing, so will we see

    Ozzy Found Dead- --166, 996

    How bout

    May Eleventh Ozzy Found Dead---296, 1776

  9. I was thinking about propaganda and how if u repeat a lie often enough and enough people appear to believe it, you can convince people it's the truth. I was thinking that it can go both ways. We could do it too. Like, start a rumor that student loans are going to be forgiven just like the banker bailout. Take pics of people celebrating and setting their Sallie Mae bills on fire, saying "thanks Obama!" Make it a meme try to get it to go viral. Stuff like that.

    If you can get enough people to quit paying these slave bills then the system will collapse it will have no choice. We are the base of the pyramid. We hold it up by doing what we r told even if ww complain about it. The minute we stop worrying about the debt, the fake politics, fake terrorists and all the other worries they pile on usand go do what we want the sooner these bitches fall. We don't have to fight we just need to quit believing in and cooperating with the system we know is BS. Make fun of it, laugh at the fakery. Point it out to people in a joking way how ridiculous and scripted the media is. Look at old paintings esp religious paintings and note the positions of the hands and head, the colors and perspectives and then look at the pics in the Daily Mail
    You will be surprised to see how often these poses are repeated by celebrities and politicians.
    Nothing new under the sun. Patterns repeat.

    1. That is exactly what we have to do. When enough people wake up to whats going on, stop giving them our energy, use it to stop them it will all end.
      I don't think it is going to be accomplished over the internet though. They created all technology we have today. They can take it all away that fast if it becomes an issue. It's impossible to make something go viral without help from the companies that own the social media. They proctor everything that hits the internet.

    2. Yeah, it is hard.
      You know, Ive been listening to a book about the Salem Witch Trials written by Increase and Cotton Mather. It's called Wonders of the Invisable World and it's from the point of view of the accusers. We have always been given the victims pov in school but it's a trip listening to his discription of the bedevilment and it sounds ALOT like the media hoaxes we have been subjected to, the spying, paranoia button pushing voices and visions could be Alex Jones and Fox News Tele-vision of today. Maybe thats how the saints of old saw their visions. It could have been invented much earlier than weve been told.
      These dudes werent cranks. They were respected learned men one was the president of Harvard, botanist and historians.

      Interesting thoughts about mass hysyeria and the argument about whether to allow for spectral evidence at trials. We laugh at that invisable demons stuff now but it seems to me theyve just changed the name to viruses.

      Oh, He even describes the look of"duper delight". It's a real head trip.

    3. I believe this entire world is a "freemason" trap. I can't see that everything would be coded with these numbers in this grand scheme from inside this world. It goes way beyond entertainment and the media. It just seems insane to believe that this web of numbers was created from the inside.
      I think once we get enough people to stop putting their energy into this world that its going to disappear, but I think it has been going on for a long long time as we perceive it here. I see everything is part of this world as a trap to keep us thinking it is real so it doesn't end. The only real things are us who can actually communicate and share our mind with each other which. We are all connected in our mind.
      I actually just made a video describing how I think the world works. Its kind of long but here it is if you want to check it out.

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    5. Interesting points. This ties into something I've been thinking about for awhile which this a dream/virtual world? How awake are we? There are 5 states of sleep and we cycle thru them 5 or so times a night. 5 loops repeating over and over every night. Repition - the Egyptians used hieroglyphics to say the same thing in different ways over and over again. Symbols, pictures, emoji, gifs.
      Fig leafs

      Adam and Eve realized they were naked and covered themselves with fig leafs.
      Jesus cursed that one Fig tree because he didn't like the gifs.

      Where do we go when we are sleeping? I've always found sleep very mysterious. We only tend to remember bits and pieces of dreams. Maybe it's the same we wake up there and only rem fleeting bits.

    6. You are exactly right. I was studying Ancient Egypt and Kemet before I realized it was all a fraud. They did the same thing with subliminal messages to them back then as happens now.
      I used to not have any dreams for years while I was wasting all of my energy playing video games constantly and watching TV listening to music etc. I just started to have them again within the past few months since stepping away from everything. I can remember everything in my dreams now. I actually have control it seems too in some dreams. Sometimes I will go through multiple dreams in a night. I think our dreams is us connecting back to our mind, but we are so programmed to other things our dreams are out of control. That is why I so many people will have the same type of dreams like falling or flying etc. Its all a routine we are put in. When Zach got his last letter it mentioned the book The Time Machine. I ended up watching the movie from 2002 and they people who are above the ground all have the same dream that scares them. It turns out there is a guy that has very strong mind and he is giving them all the same dream to keep them scared and away from where he was. Very interesting movie.
      The weird thing is when I used to not dream much. Whenever I would have one it would be de-ja-vu every time.
      Nas says sleep is the cousin of death. Well if death is waking up sleep must be pretty close to it.

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  10. Giants signed two guys. Kardon Boone and Donte Foster

    Kardon has the EXACT SAME Numerology as Barack Husien Obama. Insane.

    Donte Foster is the same as Lebrons as well.

    Interesting because Stephen Curry won the MVP And the Timestamp on the ESPN homepage is 1:14 which equals Lebron James.

    ??? What the hell the exact same as Obama.

    Donte foster also equals Age of Aquriaus......the current age we are in.


      Kardon Boone=22 initials or 112 which equals Zionist and backwards Mason.

      46. Especially on 5/9 which is Hevavily coded on him very heavy.