Saturday, May 7, 2016

33 | 'El Chapo moved closer to U.S.', news for people who are truly fucking retarded

Look at El Chapo, even has the bikini calendar!

Since I have been doing this work, the story of El Chapo has been a regular occurrence in the media, that is going on three years now.

El Chapo = 5+3+3+8+1+7+6 = 33

Every time a headline emerges about this guy, it is stupider than the last.  I've been asking the same question since I was eighteen, since 2001, how can people be so fucking retarded to trust anything that comes out of this media?  All it pushes are bullshit, nonsensical, emotional based stories.  For example, why the fuck are they constantly moving 'El Chapo' from prison to prison, who then routinely escapes, or almost escapes?  It feels like season "33" of Prison Break with this guy.  Anyhow, this level of bullshit, it's the same reason I told my mom when I was eighteen that I was quite convinced every last motherfucker on this planet was fucking retarded, because that is what the world showed me after September 11 and their inability to see what was so transparent, the biggest load of bullshit ever.  It really is pathetic.  It has to be said.

On the bright side, I'm happy to be powering through the book.  I think if it can reach the masses when I'm finished (a big wish), the game put on by these assholes who shove El Chapo down our throat and everything else will end sooner than expected.  If people can see clearly just how dicked along they have been for their lives, perhaps they'll find the same motivation I have to do something about it.


  1. Glad you are getting lots of work in, and it was nice seeing a couple videos, but I'm glad you've stuck to the blog throughout. I like it here.

  2. Oh no. He's going to seek across and get us all.
    Thanks for the heads up Zach!

  3. Brilliant work Zach, keep coming on that book as well.

  4. Did you see the kid from UAB who was found shot in his car? He was a Runningback.

    UAB---24, 144, 203(J)

    UAB RB---44

  5. 25,33

    For what ever it is worth "El Chapo" in Spanish is a nick name equivalent to "Shorty". He is reported to be 5'2" much like a particular jockey who's very popular to night.

    Yes a big time drug lord with a nick name "Shorty"

    El -- 17/8/25
    Chapo -- 43/25/122
    El Chapo -- 60/33/147

    Notice that "El Chapo" equals 33 in Pythagorean Gematria:

    El Chapo - 5+3+0+3+8+1+7+6 = 33

    And "Chapo" equals 25

    Chapo - 3+8+1+7+6 = 25

    Yes but notice:

    Shorty - 1+8+6+9+2+7 = 33
    Dwarf - 4+5+1+9+6 = 25

    And one more in Pythagorean Gemoatria, Victor Espinoza's first name:

    Victor - 4+9+3+2+6+9 = 33

  6. He's just a po boy from a po family.

  7. El chapo is coming, I'm almost at the point were I've given up hope for humanity.

  8. El chapo is coming, I'm almost at the point were I've given up hope for humanity.

  9. Replies
    1. There are two masks to choose from in a binary system, tragedy or comedy. If you want to experience this world as a Greek tragedy and sob about it then u can. That's what we call free will. I'd rather laugh, it's more fun.