Friday, May 20, 2016

35 142 239 | Nyquist, 3-5 Odds at Preakness, May 21, 2016

3-5 odds... so comical!

Tomorrow's race is the 142nd day of the year.

Tomorrow has a second connection to '142' as well.

5/21/16 = 5+21+16 = 42

Keep in mind the United States is 239-years old.  Nyquist is named after the 'Nyquist Frequency'.

Preakness also has good gematria for 2016... should be a special race.

With exceptions, Preakness = 63...


  1. Cavs scored 108 recently. 5+21+2+1+6=35

    5x21 is 105 plus 2016-36 equals 141. 141st Preakness.


    1. @Warri

      Hey are you making another Cavs video?

    2. gate three" in the English Gematria system equals 521

      "gate three" in the English Ordinal system equals 89

      "gate three" in the English Sumerian system equals 534

      "gate three" in the English Reduction system equals 44

      Also Nyquist if I'm not mistaken won the Derby and Preakness in 2012 before Lebrons First title!

      Also it is coming.

    3. Mb that was the jockey Mario Gutierrez! Still a viable connection.

  2. Nyquist is a big fav, he should get it done tomorrow. Get the triple crown and The King 3 rings. Nice parallel with Royals winning earlier

  3. Wonder if this has a tie with the FA Cup.

    Crystal palace finished the season on 42 points, playing the final on the 142nd day with date numerology of 42.

    Their Manager Alan Pardew also has birth numerology of 42. 26 years ago was the last time these two teams met in the fa cup final, Pardew played for crystal palace that day when they lost. It was also Fergusons first trophy as United coach, he then went on to be the most successful manager of all time. If he lost that final he would have been sacked.

    Ferguson = 42

    Lots of 42 coding around this final Fourty two = 46 in reduction. Crystal Palace = 46

    The best odds on Nyquist at the moment are 4/6. Maybe coincidental but interesting none the less

    1. This is also the 135th FA cup final. Nyquist = 35.

    2. Palace are 5.5/1 to win in 90 and 3.1/1 to lift the cup if anyone fancies it.

    3. Theres been a big narrative in the media about how Palace had the chance 26 years ago to stop the united dominance before it started, its common knowledge and even fergie said in an interview a while ago that if he lost the FA cup final he was going to be sacked.

      They went on to win that final and give Ferguson his first trophy at united. He then went on to win 37 trophies.

      The narrative is that united are on the down and palace have the chance to end the united era under LVG like they had the chance to do ferguson 26 years ago.

      Fergie also managed united for 26 years before retiring. I think the narratives set for Uniteds defeat. They also finished the season on 66 points which has links with the sacrificial 33.

      Its also common knowledge that Mouriho has signed a 3 year deal with united thats being kept quite until after this final. Think BeIn sport ran something on it earlier. Seems likely that LVG will end his time at Old Trafford with more disappointment and no trophy to his name.

      Or perhaps united win their 12 FA cup and tie Arsenals record 12 years after winning the last one? Lets see.

  4. "Preakness"...."Hidden in plain SIGHT"

    Preakness = 36
    Sight = 63