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44 222 | The Assassination of James Garfield, 20th President

Get a load of the '222' in the history of this event.

I bring this up because May 23 is the day to leave 222-days remaining in the year...  September 11 left 111...

Garfield = 7+1+9+6+9+5+3+4 = 44
5/23/16 = 5+23+16 = 44

Here's also a writeup on the assassination of Garfield.

The Death of James A. Garfield, September 19, 1881

The fourth President to die in office was the twentieth President, Republican James A. Garfield.  He was the second President to officially be assassinated joining Lincoln in history.  Probably not by coincidence, both men share ‘forty-four’ name gematria. 

Garfield = 7+1+9+6+9+5+3+4 = 44 (Honest Abe) (Abraham)

For a parallel between the two men beyond assassination, Garfield was born in history November 19, turning thirty-two years old the same day Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address.  Notice below the name James A. Garfield also has ties to Scottish Rite Freemasonry and the word ‘President’.  Like Lincoln, Garfield was a Mason, belonging to Lodge No. 20 in Columbus, Ohio.

James = 1+1+4+5+1 = 12/21; A. = 1
Garfield = 7+1+9+6+9+5+3+4 = 44
James A. Garfield = 57/66 (Scottish Rite = 57/66/75)
James Garfield = 56 = President

James = 10+1+13+5+19 = 48
A. = 1
Garfield = 7+1+18+6+9+5+12+4 = 62 (Mason)
James A. Garfield = 111 (666, English Gematria)
James Garfield = 110 = President

The assassination of President James A. Garfield took place at 9:30 am on July 2, 1881, less than four months into Garfield's first term.  Please notice 9:30 is the 570th minute of the day, a number that resembles ‘fifty-seven’, connected to ‘Scottish Rite’.  9:30 is also a time that resembles the number ‘93’, connecting to ‘Saturn’, keeper of time.  In the prior chapters we have heavily discussed what ninety-three has to do with contrived tragedy by the numbers, from the World Trade Centers, to Waco and more.  Here is that same number showing up in a national tragedy, from a century earlier.  In discussing the ‘time’ of 9:30, let us not forget the gematria of ‘clock’.

According to the pages of history, President Garfield was shot by an assassin named Charles J. Guiteau at the Baltimore and Potomac Railroad Station in Washington, D.C while waiting for a train to go on summer vacation.  The reason Guiteau shot the President was because he wanted the Vice President, Chester Arthur, to lead the country.  Guiteau, like Arthur, was a Stalwart, a faction of the Republican Party who saw themselves as traditionalists. 

Chester = 3+8+5+1/10+2+5+9 = 33/42
Stalwart = 1/10+2+1+3+5+1+9+2 = 24/33

Not by surprise, the name Guiteau yields familiar gematria, again connecting to the Jesuit Order.

Guiteau = 7+21+9+20+5+1+21 = 84 (Jesuit)
Charles = 3+8+1+18+12+5+19 = 66

According to the official report of what transpired, Guiteau had been plotting to kill the President and was staying at the Riggs Hotel, Room 222, near the train station.  The detail of this ‘222’ does not seem arbitrary, because it said that James Garfield was in the process of boarding Parlor Car #222 when the assassin shot him two times in the back, with a .44 caliber handgun.  Recall, from the numerology introduction earlier, when we triple a digit, such as ‘222’, we magnify the power of that number.  Two has to do with dividing and taking apart, such as the division amongst Stalwarts within the Republican Party.  Following the theme, July 2, at midday, is the exact midway point of the Gregorian calendar year.  Keep that in mind as we think about a political assassination and the energy that creates in a people who bare witness to the news.  In this case, it was a people who had just recently elected a new President.  In addition to the ‘222’, the gematria of the hotel also stands out.

Riggs = 9+9+7+7+1/10 = 33/42

Prior to being shot, Garfield intended to take the train to Massachusetts where his wife was staying.  You might remember that Massachusetts is one of three states with a thirty-three gematria.  This was to begin his summer vacation.  Instead, Garfield ended up on the ground, wounded with two gun shots, where a doctor found him soon after, informing him his wounds were superficial and he would likely survive. At the same time, a nearby police officer tackled Guiteau and arrested him as he tried to flee the scene.   Guiteau, as he was led away, stated, "I did it. I will go to jail for it. I am a Stalwart and Arthur will be President!"

Garfield would end up dying seventy-nine days later, September 19, 1881, from what doctors said was blood poisoning caused by infection from the bullet wounds.  Recall the word ‘murder’ has gematria of seventy-nine, and so does the name ‘Lincoln’, expanding on our parallels between the assassinations of the two men.  Also interesting, is that September 19 can be written 19/9, a lot like ‘199’, and Garfield died 199-days after becoming the twentieth President, March 4, 1881.  199 is the forty-sixth prime number, and forty-six connects back to ‘sacrifice’.

After the President’s death, Guiteau was formerly indicted for murder of the President, October 14, 1881.  This is a date with ‘105’ numerology, and a date coming in a span of 105-days of the shooting of Garfield.

10/14/1881 = 10+14+18+81 = 123 (Conspiracy)
10/14/81 = 10+14+81 = 105
July 2 to October 14, a span of 105-days
Lincoln died on the 105th day of the year
*Masonry = 105; Zionism = 105

His trial would begin a month later, November 14 and he would be found guilty January 25, 1882, two months and eleven-days later.  Keep in mind the number ‘211’ is the forty-seventh prime.  Recall how ‘forty-seven’ connects to words such as ‘agent’ and ‘President’.  He would be put to death June 30, 1882, by hanging, exactly 228-days after the trial began.  Recall how ‘228’ connects to ‘death’ as well as ‘United States of America’.  His death came precisely nine-months and eleven-days after the death of Garfield as well.  It is said he yelled out, “Glory, glory, glory!” just before his death.

Glory = 7+3+6+9+7 = 32; Glory Glory Glory = 96 (Freemason)

Coming back to the ‘105’ connections for a moment, Chester Arthur, who replaced Garfield as President was born October 5 1829, or 10/5.  He would die November 18, 1886, exactly forty-four days after his fifty-seventh birthday.  Think about those numbers.  Making matters even more interesting, he passed on the 322nd day of the year, November 18, 1886, a fitting day for a President to go.  In the beginning we talked about the 2004 Presidential election and how John Kerry and George W. Bush were both members of “322” or Skull and Bones.

11/18/1886 = 11+18+18+86 = 133
White House = 23+8+9+20+5+8+15+21+19+5 = 133
Government = 7+15+22+5+18+14+13+5+14+20 = 133

As we learn from Arthur, Adams, Jefferson and Monroe, Presidents aren’t safe from “death by numbers” when they’re out of office either.  We can add George Washington to that list as well, who passed at age sixty-seven.


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  4. Zach anything for todays game? Starts 3:30 where I am and 12:30 where you are. Is Central time 2:30?

  5. It all adds up to 6-9-36 and 5.

    1230 equals 42. 30-12=18

    Wasn't super bowl 50 at 3:30 in Seattle?

  6. Also 1;30....Pythagoras equals 130.

  7. Zach, I posted this on your YouTube channel and thought it would also be good to share on this post.

    Matt Corey
    Hey Zach, great to see some more videos! I was reading your blog about Garfield's assassination, and I wanted to do some more research about how all of the presidential assassinations are connected. Check this out: (Date of Lincoln's Ass. 4/14/1865; Date of Death 4/15/1865) (Date of Garfield's Ass. 7/2/1881; Date of Death 9/19/1881) (Date of McKinley's Ass. 9/6/1901; Date of Death 9/14/1901) (Date of Kennedy's Ass. & Death 11/22/1963) 4/14/1865 - 7/2/1881 is a span of 5,923 Days. Reminds me of 9/23 and 5/23 7/2/1881 - 9/19/1881 is a span of 79 Days (Murder). Also 11wks 2days (112 alt 911 dialing code). Also 1,896 hours (McKinley, next in line for assassination, elected 1896) 9/19/1881 - 9/6/1901 is a span of 239 months 18 Days (2016 is USA's 239th year, the year of 6+6+6 = 18), also 19years, 11months (911) 9/19/1881 - 9/14/1901 is a span of 175,176 hours (This connection is a little weaker, but reminds of a counting sequence, not sure what 177 would be, but it also reminds of Flight 175 and 77 from 911) 9/14/1901 - 11/22/1963 is a span of 22, 714 days (Kind of like 227, the cycle, circle, assassination number, followed by 14(Dead)). Also 62 years, 2 months, 8 days (622, the reflection of 226, the Satanist holy number; the sequence 228 reminds of United States of America and Death) 9/6/1901 - 11/22/63 is a span of 22,722 days! Wow. Also, 62 years, 2 months, 16 days (622 & 226; 216 kinda like 2016) 9/14/1901 was about 100 years before 9/11/2001. Or, 1199 months, 28 days to be exact. (The '28' connects to 156 and 911, as you know) Finally, the "first 911" to what may be the "next 911", 9/11/2001 - 5/23/2016 is a span on 766 weeks, 6 days. Can't make this shit up.

  8. Damn yesterday Warriors half time 46-58.
    Hawks leading 56-58?

    Sum of 114.

    I saw something interesting at the 5:31 mark. Thompson Number 13 Fouled by Kris Humphries who wears 43.

    It was 44-50....Humpries name has 49 in it. Full name is

    174,75 and 679 Cavaliers equals 69 and 1044 which equals New world order.

    13+43=56 the score at the half..... Humphries is 31 Years old? May be a strech. 13 fouled by 31?

    Warriors sum of 104 points.

    Also 5:31. Sum gets 36 Cleveland cavaliers equals 36.

  9. 58=13 sum.

    5 time 31 equals 155 or 551.

    So Satan and new world order? Yeah.....

  10. Garfield died on a Monday. Garfield the Cat hates Mondays. Correlation? Causation? Reincarnation?

    PS it'd be great if we could try to keep these message boards on topic.

    1. I am sure that is a tribute! Good one.

  11. Ok so 3rd quarter. At 1:01 Kris Humphries at the line.....79-75?
    Kris Humphries equals 75.

    Also 31 again.

    Anyways he made it 79-77= 156. 911 156 Prime.

    Remember his name equals NWO 174 AND1044.

    Someone please help with this geez.

    Also if Cavs win today it will tell the tale.

  12. Certainly this will be in the book (?) -- the historical deciphering you've done is absolutely incredible ... beyond amazing! "Insiders" often say, "the world is nothing like what WE think ...", & THIS is why -- GEMATRIA IS "The Great Mystery".

    This info is so groundbreaking, that until I have your printed book in my hands, I'm taking screen shots of this material & all your drafts -- so that no matter what, your discoveries cannot be suppressed. We MUST PROTECT this knowledge as if it were the HOLY GRAIL -- because THAT'S WHAT IT TRULY IS.

    Congrats on discovering the TRUTH -- (& IMO finally laying to rest all that distractionary "Dan Brown/ Holy Bloodline/ Aliens" bullshit!) You're PROVING that The Truth is (actually) far more SIMPLE than we've been led to believe ... & it's always been right there in front of us ... Only Now We Can See It Too! ;D :D

    1. I'm always greatful for your perspective. I agree the truth is more simple than we knew. I'll hopefully be uploading a draft of the entire chapter later today.

    2. Wonderful -- I'll be watching for it! Just posted under the Gloria/ LeBron James (L B J!) piece, concerning Garfield's assassin shouting "Glory, Glory, Glory!". "Coincidence"? Maybe not ... Biden continues to be suspiciously silent, so I still don't rule him out. The Cav's shirt in pics 1 & 3 shows "CA - IS" with half an O underneath (possibly an Omega? equivalent of Z?) They used that pic for a reason -- California ... or Chester Arthur? Could be History IS About To Repeat Itself! ;D :D