Monday, May 9, 2016

44 93 144 | 'King of Debt', Donald Trump headlines, May 9, 2016

King = 11+9+14+7 = 41
of = 15+6 = 21
Debt = 4+5+2+20 = 31
King of Debt = 93 (Saturn)

5/9/16 = 5+9+16 = 30 (Saturn)

We'll see how ninety-three goes for Donald Trump soon enough.  Saturn is the keeper of 'time', or '144'.  The 144th day of the year is upcoming, May 23, 2016.

5/23/16 = 5+23+16 = 44
Clock = 3+12+15+3+11 = 44


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  2. Also May 23 could be significant for Obama . Perhaps his rise to power in the aftermath of an event. Obama is a satanic character through and through . His fake birthday of August 4, 1961 is of course the 216th day of the year.We all know by now that 6*6*6 = 216. We are in year 2016 or 216. From 8/4/1961 - 05/23/2016 = 20,016 days, another 216 as zero's have no value. Obama is filled with 216's. In fact if you go to the Gematria calculator and type in "Barack Michelle Sasha Malia Ann" you get another 216. It = 99, 216, and 1296. 99th prime is 523. 1296= 6*6*6*6. Obama chose zionist phony puppet Jew 'Merrick Garland' as the replacement for Scalia. If you type in the Gematria calculator the first names of the obama family members + the first names of the Garland family members you get 216 again... "Barack Michelle Natasha Malia ann Merrick Lynn Rebecca jessica" = 216. He was Born in Honolulu on the 21.6 degree North lattitude, I mean are you guys getting the message Obama and these evil Masons/ Zionist fake Jews are trying to send?? the Winning Illinois lottery numbers on 11/05/08, ( day after he won election) were 666 7779. For more 216 facts about Obama just visit this Facebook page showing a bunch of Obama 216 information -

    1. "Barack" = 216... Merrick Garland is 63.. numbers 1 thru 63 = 2016. Obamas Acceptance speech in 2008 was at Democratic National Convention in Denver. Denver is deep in Masonic roots. While Obama was giving his speech there's a White Horse above his head. If course representing the First horse of the tribulation. Could Obama be that first white horse rider of Revekation? Or something even more? Maybe. Denver is the 'Mike High City'. Makes me think of the Tower of Babel and also about Isaiah 14. Where it states Lucifer trying to be like God saying "I will ascend above the heights of the clouds" And other prideful I wills's. Denver also has the Dark horse near the airport, Egyptian god of the underworld Anubis, and they had the apocalyptic murals. Ask yourself why are those things at an American airport?? Why Egyptian symbols on the $1. Bible says money is the root if all evil right? That explain why these masons hide their plans on american currency we use everyday , right on our faces. Like the stages of the twin towers on the '96 series bills when you fold the bills into the shape of a Pentagon (Washington DC/Satan controlled) , 5 years before the towers fell. Now we see the $100 with liberty bells on a strip possible meaning that they are sounding the alarms, their plans are beginning to reach its peak of a One World system/ NWO and mass death. The $100 also shows a Nuke being fired and then also shows the Nuke coming down into water with a nuclear blast, city covered in water. I believe that is NYC. Most populous city, old US capital, NYC was set up to be destroyed for a very long time. NYC has not seen real death yet. Its coming soon unforuantely , a Tsunami of sorts perhaps. A great video on that is - . Obama if not the masonic antichrist figure, is definitely of Lucifer in some way, some how. He's all about 216 and the numbers 44 and 8. Zach is gifted man, glad I found his blog . His channel. Best discovery ever is numerology and how Zach does it so easily

    2. Everything about Obama is a tribute to Lincoln. The Willard Hotel assassination attempt and the Fords Theatre assassination were 216 weeks apart. Great work!

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    4. 84 = 12*7, so 7 years = 84 months. The masonic Antichrist of the bible is supposed to be in power for 84 months. The Factors of the number(44) which are 1,2,4,11,22, and 44 = (84). Obama is the 44th president , 44 is the biggest number of the year it seems so far in sports

  3. He is visiting Hiroshima this month. Much has been made of the fact that he will not be apologizing. I don't think they've said the date that he will be visiting. The date of Hiroshima has Gematria of 33. 8/6/1945.