Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Feedback on fighting/arguing in comments (How to Gematria and how not to)

I'm not trying to hurt anyone's feelings, I'm trying to help you guys out, especially those of you who aren't learning from your mistakes.  What you need to know is that a 'brand of gematria' has arisen from those who follow my work, but this brand stinks and needs to be thrown out with the garbage.  It is the brand of contriving words, phrases and sentences until "the number is hit".  Maestro and Brother Berg practice this method of gematria often and they should both realize at this point it is absolutely worthless.  A lot of you are copying these methods and making the same mistakes in return.  Sometimes I'm surprised no one realizes that I never do this.  The reason I don't do it, is because I realize it is a garbage method.  I've been telling Brother Berg this isn't how it is done for months and only recently has he admitted that perhaps it isn't the best way to use gematria.

The worth is in what I have been doing since the beginning.  It is decoding the information that exists (a sharp contrast from making up words and phrases that "kind of" fit the picture) and comparing that decoded information with history.  Finding the rigging is finding the repeating patterns in history that are done by the same numbers again and again, that are coded into the teams, players, coaches, scores, records and dates.

When I predicted the college basketball tournament would be Kansas and UNC while overlooking Villanova's connections to Philly, a lot of you went out and started generating words and phrases in the calculator finding confirmation for the UNC and Kansas championship.  Imagine instead if that time was used decoding more teams, looking for that Philly connection.  We let an easy one slip through our fingers with the information we had from the beginning.  We let it slip through because time wasn't used correctly.

So Maestro and Berg, I'm not trying to insult you.  I'm trying to say wake up and smell the coffee, apply your time with the methods that work, and stop just typing sentences into the calculator.  Same with all of you who have taken on these practices.

Here's to getting better at this craft.

EDIT:  Brother Berg is not happy about this and perhaps Maestro isn't either, but I know Maestro has pretty thick skin.  I told Brother Berg to swallow his pride and step his game up.  Just realize, I'm not here to be your friend, I'm here to help you see the truth of this world, and I know that this language of gematria can reveal a lot of truth, but as we have come to find out, it can also be used incorrectly and mislead.  I don't want people to be wasting their time, frustrating themselves and calling bullshit on the entire practice. I want this work to be understood, appreciated and used correctly.  That's all.  Brother Berg is a smart guy and he does have a lot of great ideas.  He has also made a lot of important gematria discoveries by doing things the right way, as has Maestro.  I'm just calling out what needs calling out, and that is the generating of words and phrases and sentences in attempt to force the pieces of the puzzle to fit together.  A lot of that is going on, and it isn't helpful to anyone.