Monday, August 22, 2016

13 41 | August 22, 2016, ESPN says 'McGregor is one of the best stories in sports' (McGregor the "King")

This article reads like my preview video, talking about how he had to get used to the bodyweight.  So predictable, and to think, this is one of the best stories....

Can men please pull their head out of their ass and find something better to do?  Thank you.

Last, notice the use of the word 'King'.  As I pointed out before the fight, there was a lot of '13' and '41' going on.

King = 11+9+14+7 = 41 (41, the 13th prime number)

As I pointed out in the video, there were some significant parallels between the NBA Finals and the UFC Fight between him and Diaz.  Remember, 'King' was a big them for LeBron and the Cavs, as was 13 and 41.


  1. Time to move on, this one was so obvious it was self explanatory who would win. Congrats to Conor - he wins the next couple of fights.

  2. In wwe last night the first ever universal champion ended up being Finn Balor a popular wrestler from Ireland.He had one of those big entrances comming out as his alter ego "the demon king" .something about ny/bk and Ireland brewing

    1. They had a big tribute to notorious big and Brooklyn on 21st of August
      Big born 21st of May
      John cenas "wife" Nikki Bella returned also last night on 21 st of August and is born on 21st of November
      And of course Prince died 21st of April.

    2. Balor also cut a promo a few weeks back, where he was sitting in a chair doing the upside down pyramid hand sign, then turned into the demon lol.

      There was some connections to UFC in the Lesnar/Orton match. Lesnar gave Orton a stiff elbow UFC style, which busted Orton open.

    3. Yes indeed it's the same fiasco except one organization is discrete about the action.The group I was watching the fight with the biggest tool in the group said "damn diazs eyebrows look cut" I was like he probably bladed and sure enough his ass was bleeding right out of there.

    4. Lesnar fights in UFC, and former WWE star CM Punk is about to do the same. It's all a grand mockery. McMahon allowed Lesnar to do the fight last month because he knows it's rigged. No way he allows that if UFC isn't rigged. McMahon is mason just like Dana White and Joe Rogan (who's buddy-buddy with Alex Jones). It's embarrassing that people can't see through this.

  3. Another narative ive seen been thrown about is conor will fight aldo at 145, and nate will get a title shot at 155. Both men will win and the trilogy fight will be at 155 for the belt.

    Conor goes 22-3 and takes the second belt becoming the first person to hold two belts in different divisions? Makes a lot of sense money wise for the UFC.

    Of course thats complete speculation with nothing to back it up with, lets see what the road holds next for McGregor. UFC 203 will also be an interesting event. Micheal Bisping defends his title in Manchester where he's from.

    UFC Coming to England in Manchester to watch the Manchester born defend his title to Dan Hendo who has beaten him twice in the past.

  4. Replies
    1. Resurrection--165

      Three Days in Hell--165

  5. This was a tribute to King James , the real one and the one from Ohio. It's a royal year! The trumpets , death of a prince , the color purple , LSU and Vikings and lakers big news stories leading up to this year. This celebration will go on for 2-3 years.