Friday, August 12, 2016

13 99 188 | The U.S. Currency and the Bavarian Illuminati (Why there's a $2 dollar bill)

1+2+5+10+20+50+100 = 188

5/1/1776 = 5+1+17+76 = 99

Think about the 13 levels on the Pyramid shown on the dollar bill.  Or the 13 stripes on the flag.  Or the 13 Colonies.  Or the 13-years you spend in public school having your head filled with bullshit.

Also on the dollar bill is the 'Star of David', a nice pairing with the 'All Seeing Eye'.

September 11, dollar dollar bills y'all?

And for a closing thought, 'Two Dollar', as in 'two dollar bill', has fitting gematria.  It is the outlier.

Don't rule out 'conspiracy'.

Adam Weishaupt is credited with starting the Bavarian Illuminati, May 1, or 5/1.

Freemason = 6+9+5+5+4+1+1+6+5 = 42/51

Notice what is written around the 'pyramid' on the dollar bill.

Annuit Coeptis.

The other motto also connects to 'Freemason'.

Novus = 5+6+4+3+1 = 19/28
ordo = 6+9+4+6 = 25
seclorum = 1+5+3+3+6+9+3+4 = 34/43
Novus ordo seclorum = 78/96 (Freemason = 96)

Novus = 14+15+22+21+19 = 91 (If you count 1-13, it totals 91)
ordo = 15+18+4+15 = 52 (Prophecy)
seclorum = 19+5+3+12+15+18+21+13 = 106 (Prophecy)
Novus ordo seclorum = 249

New Order of the ages?

New = 14+5+23 = 42 (War) (World War) (Freemason) (Zionism) (Satanism)

N = 14 = 5; E = 5; W = 23 = 5
NEW = 5+5+5 (Washington Monument) (Pentagon)

The hidden 'owl' on the dollar comes back to '5'.


  1. Replies
    1. Seven bills=74 (pythagorean with s and v exceptions)

    2. 1+2+5+10+20+50+100=188
      Bavarian Illuminati=188

    3. My bad.. You already documented that. I didn't even see that. I Swear. Lol

    4. You've become really awesome at gematria mad dog. My classroom is winning!

    5. You're the cool teacher who lets us use calculators.

  2. Nice findings you found there!!! No coincidence!!! Keep up the good work!!!

  3. Oh shit

    Dollar dollar bills ya'll=84/228
    United States of America=84/228


    1. CREAM--40, 119

      Cash Rules Everything Around Me--330

      Get the money- -137

    2. Nice. The album with that song CREAM (36 chambers) came out 11/9

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    4. Thirty Six Chambers=221=The Bavarian Illuminati=Three Twenty Two

    5. Enter the Wu Tang=181

      Enter the Wu Tang Chambers=1810 Jewish, 250

      Enter the Wu Tang Thirty Six Chambers=2906J, 402

    6. Came out on 11/9/93=113, 33, 132, 42(Like the 402 above), 2013(213)

    7. Rza=45
      The Rza=33/78

      All the speeds a record plays.

    8. Record label was called

      Loud=52, 312(213 inverted)

      And was 61:31 minutes long. Thats 3691 seconds.

      Cream has some great track times. 4:04 for the Radio Edit, 3:38 for the Instrumental.

  4. Literally right in our face who controls us, and when I tell people this, they says it's crazy. Dumb fucks.

    1. It honestly amazes me how guilable most people are. After all these hoaxes, after all thsee examples of how blatantly unfair the financial system is, after having their noses rubbed in shot and seeing how the government doesn't even follow it's own bullshit, still they want to believe.
      I'm going to photoshop an American flag over the flying saucer in the X files poster and write "You may still want to believe in this but I dont"
      If someone with mad skills wants to do something like that please do. And Facebook to everyone

  5. Its laughable at how in plain site everything is. When you learn Gematria everything becomes so obvious.

    Like why English is the language of the world when its actually one of the smallest countries. People dont ask these questions.

    One world order.

  6. Ever since viewing "They Live" I have questioned our nation's "God".

    In God We Trust
    Gematria Jewish 1585
    Gematria Reduction 58
    Gematria Summerian 1050
    Gematria Ordinal 175
    Gematria English 1525

    Government Operated Database (GOD)
    Gematria Jewish 1566
    Gematria Reduction 108
    Gematria Summerian 1620
    Gematria Ordinal 270
    Gematria English 1656

    1. They Live
      Gematria Jewish 1247
      Gematria Reduction 43
      Gematria Summerian 636
      Gematria Ordinal 106
      Gematria English 1357

      This is your God
      Gematria Jewish 1097
      Gematria Reduction 72
      Gematria Summerian 1134
      Gematria Ordinal 189
      Gematria English 1647

      Gematria Jewish 61
      Gematria Reduction 17
      Gematria Summerian 156
      Gematria Ordinal 26
      Gematria English 71

  7. A friend of mine is the artist who draws the Mark Trail comic strip. If you don't know Mark Trail, it is a nature comic which shows animals and nature scenes in a PG adventure tone. Anyway, he researchers and draws a ton of animals, insects, etc.

    Point being, he says that the lil creature us not an owl but a Spider. If you notice the entire dollar has that spider web pattern covering the entire thing. In the Illuminati the Black Widow Spider represents the various royals and monarchs spinning their web of lies and mind control over the masses. Also note, the Spider-Lady sits on the only frame that is shaped like a Crown. The other 1s on the dollar are in Oval Windows.

    Black Widow Queen=165