Thursday, August 4, 2016

18 | New Peyton Manning commercial, "Broncos and Colts"

Has anyone seen this new TV ad?  Notice he is at register #18.  You might recall that Peyton Manning wore #18 and retired after 18 seasons, playing his last game, Super Bowl 50, February 7, 2016.

2/7/2016 = 2+7+2+0+1+6 = 18

The game began with an 18-yard pass from #18 to #81, Manning to Daniels.

It's always a mocking, by the numbers.

If you see the ad, you'll notice Manning talks about how the Broncos and Colts are his favorite teams.


  1. 81 - 18 = 63 [1 thru 63 = 2016] which matches the year he wins the Super Bowl.

  2. Register 17 is also shown. Super bowl 51 will have date numerology of 17. Good sign for the colts to win since he mentions them. It will also be Andrew lucks 5th year in the league in 2017. Andrew lucks wears number 12 and was drafted in 2012. 17-12=5, fitting for his 5th year. Also bridgewater wears #5

  3. It seems there are quite a few possibilities for SB51 in terms of hints/patterns. Colts/Vikings, Colts/Giants, Bengals/Giants, Bengals/Vikings - it seems perhaps it will be 1 of those 4 teams winning SB51 with Bengals least likely to win SB51

  4. With the '3' new DirecTV ads with Peyton Manning released late-July 2016, at the beginning of all of them it shows Lionel Richie (who is from Alabama and grew up there, and is 4-hour drive from New Orleans where the Manning's grew-up, and NBA allstar game is in New Orleans in 2017 and whenever an NBA allstar game is in New Orleans the SB just before it has featured a Manning brother in it) singing while playing a piano. Ad#1 (Supermarket) the price on cash register #18's computer screen shows $19.15 for a longtime before it goes to $24.10 as the final amount due and they show $24.10 as the final price on '3' separate occasions. 24-10 was the score in SB50, perhaps 19-15 will be a scoreline in an upcoming SB. The person serving Manning has the name-tag 'Taylor' and at Taylor's feet you can clearly see a box that says 'CLOSED' (end of Peyton's career).
    Ad#2 Peyton calls 'E-Man' (Eli Manning) from his mobilephone and asks Eli to come over for 'nachos' to watch Sunday DirecTV with him, Eli replies 'I cant man, I'm playing' and then Peyton opens a diary and says 'I will pencil you in for Tuesday', this might be hinting to a clue about a Monday night game Eli/Giants play in the regular-season and those 2 games are Week-4 Giants at Vikings (the day before vice-presidential debate) and their other Monday night game is Week-10 Bengals at Giants.
    Ad#3 Peyton is walking around in an outdoor park and sits to talk to an elderly black man and pulls out his mobile phone to show him DirectTV and it clearly shows 'slow-motion' footage of #5 Teddy Bridgewater (Vikings QB) getting 'sacked' by two Denver Broncos players in 'orange' color jerseys and the jersey numbers were #94 and #97, the elderly black man gets up with a newspaper in his hand and you can clearly see something is written on it, but could not see what it was due to the quality of the upload of the ad on youtube. All 3 ads show strong hints about 4 specific teams: Colts, Giants, Vikings, Bengals

    1. Re: Lionel Richie and Alabama connection, to go from Alabama to New Orleans you have to drive through Mississippi. Eli Manning went to University of Mississippi (Ole Miss)

  5. Zach did you see the recent story about the bus? Email me Wane to share with you. Think there are some good clues.

  6. The ESPN article that went viral in the last few days "The Bennett Brothers vs Everyone" by Mina Kimes - Senior ESPN Writer (its meant to appear in the EPSN Magazine on 22 August 2016), has A LOT of references/links to Eli Manning and the NY Giants. The two brothers (Michael, Martellus) were born and grew-up in Louisiana (same as the Mannings) and then Bennett's moved to San Diego (San Diego Chargers drafted Eli Manning as 1st overall pick, but Eli threatened not to sign with the Chargers and then they traded him for Phillip Rivers) and then the Bennett's moved to Houston (where SB51 will be). They made fun of Jay Cutler who was born in Indiana and went to University in Tennessee (link to Peyton Manning), and the Bennett's kept mentioning and making fun of the Mannings. The NY Giants are mentioned several times and even is referred to as "one of the best teams that play and act as a team". They goto a restaurant in LA and they say a strange thing in the article and say it is like a restaurant from Connecticut. Connecticut is know along with New York and New Jersey as the Tri-State area

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  8. Did you notice the ' 6 ' in the middle of picture?

  9. The funny thing is the cashier looks like a fake Andy dalton

  10. Add All numbers 17 + 6 + 18 shown = 41 (colts won SB41)