Wednesday, August 17, 2016

33 39 44 | Three killed in Manja, India by sharp kite strings, August 15, 2016 (CNN reporting)

Cut = 3+21+20 = 44; Kill = 11+9+12+12 = 44; Cook = 3+15+15+11 = 44

This story takes place near New Delhi.

Nice time stamp, 10:37, or '137'.  Recall, 137 is the 33rd prime.

Indian = 9+5+4+9+1+5 = 33

This is the Indian flavor of propaganda, slit throats with kite strings... three...

There must be some parallel here with the film the 'Kite Runner'.

Manja on August 15, 2016?

8/15/16 = 8+15+16 = 39
Manja = 13+1+14+10+1 = 39


The big question you're left with, is... what the fuck did I need to know that for?


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  4. WTF -- is this shit zipping around in a 113 mph wind? Lol
    Have they already banned piano wires, guitar strings & nylon fishing line too -- or are they next? Is it just supposedly floating around in the air ... picking out innocent victims like some sort of DJINN?
    What kind of bullshit is this? Couldn't agree more -- why ARE we hearing about it?

    If any if this WERE actually true -- it sounds more like LASERS GONE AWRY.
    Oh no! Will the best cat toy in the world someday be banned too? Lol ;D :D

  5. This comment is unrelated to this particular story. I just read on espn's site that Clemson QB DeShaun Watson says it's racist to call him a 'dual threat' quarterback. It's a term that's been around for quite a while. If you read the article he also calls the term a "code word." Racist? Really? Maybe they should change the "code word" to mult-talented? Racist too?

    1. Dual Threat--110, 660

      Double Speak--111, 666

      Racist--70, 420(Nigger=42)

      Dual Threat Quarterback=227

  6. Magic carpet=96
    Genie in a Bottle=138

  7. Lochte and friends caught fighting at a gas station...

  8. On second thought, the strings would had to have been STRETCHED ACROSS THE ROADWAY -- in order to "slit throats" -- all at approximately the same height.

    This tactic was used in both WW1 & WW2.

    Assuming of course, that this actually happened ... ;D :D