Thursday, August 18, 2016

Reader Contribution | Gerardus Mercator & the 'Mercator Projection' (World Map as we know it)


  1. Just wanted to say I really enjoyed that Reader Contrib. Thanks for Posting.

    The Map Mercator gained fame from was completed when Mercator was 47yrs old - G M = 7 4. Same with Mercator Projection - M P = 4 7.

  2. bread crumbs leading us to the truth, day by day. good stuff.

  3. If I recall correctly, the Mercator protection is the map where the earth is presented as a square, rather than a globe, and this is why the land masses are distorted (e.g. Greenland and South America being the same size, etc.). Still interesting work nonetheless

  4. This is a GREAT post -- thanks for sharing it! So much of what we call FACTS apparently originated in the 1500s. It seems as though that was when ALL of our supposedly "Known History" was Fabricated. We literally have to approach EVERYTHING from Square One ... & questioning the validity of "Maps" is a fascinating road to travel down.

    YT channel "newearth" points out that -- according to Mainstream Historians -- the bulk of Russia seems to have had No History prior to the Czars.
    The existence of a large & advanced culture in that region -- known as TARTARIA -- has been completely erased ... even though it was referenced in ancient times & as recently as the 1800s (another period of enormous rewriting about all things Historical).

    There's an Excellent doc called "The Map Makers" on YT @ Yuta Nobi ... (titled there as) "Map Documentary". There are 3 of them -- all are really interesting.

    The 1st goes into detail about Mercator & how Royalty employed sequestered Monks to create the earliest maps. Everyone should watch these -- there must be a reason these docs aren't widely circulated, & this info isn't known by all! ;D :D

    1. The doc mentioned above also explains how America came to be named, & discusses a MAP known as "The Birth Certificate of America". (Never heard about THAT until I found this doc a few weeks ago!)

      While I'm still skeptical of all things mainstream (it originated on the History Channel) -- there is likely some Truth incorporated in there -- & it's still fascinating! ;D :D

    2. Oops -- Mercator is in the 2nd episode!

      But the 1st is worth watching -- using a skeptical eye, it's plain to see that MUCH deception has been relayed to us via Maps ... & for a very long time! ;D :D