Friday, August 12, 2016

38 163 | 2016, the 163rd year of Minnesota's Grand Lodge

You'll notice the link in their website points to 2013 being the 160th year, so 2016 is the 163rd year.


  1. I was watching the Olympics and a GE commercial came on and this guy started naming random things that he said goes together and i taught what if there's a hidden message there. The first thing he said was Peanut Butter and Jelly. So i put that in the calculator and got this:
    peanut butter and jelly in the English Reduction system equals 75
    so then i taught and said let me try some sports teams and these is what i got.

    Indianapolis Colts in the English Reduction system equals 75
    Minnesota Vikings in the English Reduction system equals 75

    Dont know if its a hidden message or a random find lol

  2. What percent of all this is the universe and what percent is being manipulated by the guys running the show.
    Just had a quick look at the men's 100 metres at the Olympics. There's a guy called Trayvon Bromell.
    Was born on 7/10/1995 which adds to 131 so I reckon this kid is going places. Looks like this year is lining up perfect for him. Because it's a leap year his birthday falls on the 192nd day. Trayvon bromell = 192.
    The final is on the 15th. He lives in waco, texas. Waco = 15, texas = 15.
    The final is 1 month 5 days after his birthday. Or 36 days (good number for this year)
    He has just turned 21.
    Twenty one = 42.
    Rio = 42.
    Waco = 42.
    Rio de Janeiro = 69, Texas = 69.
    He went to baylor university and is now 21.
    Baylor = 73. 21st prime is 73.

  3. The thing that breaks my heart is that most people really have no concept of what it means to actually be free.

    Theyve been told over and over again that they should be happy they are free celebrations honoring the supposed freedom givers aka powdered wig wearing founding fathers, and given examples of people supposedly living in much worse conditions in other countries, and constantly being pumped up to worship the military and get their kids to join it and "serve" and programmed to respond with hostility to anyone who questions or criticizes it. Plus the older population have lived their entire lives pretty much under the fear of communism/socialism as defined by the media that thwy cant evwn recognize that the military IS socialism!

    Propaganda is much worse than guns IMO like an invisible rope that ties your brain in knots very very hard to undo.

    Freedumb 332 444 74

  4. chicago cubs / cc-33 / in first place by 14 /41 - 13th prime - 13th today - 41 home wins / 41 total losses - 14 tmrw / again 13th prime - about to lose after 11* win streak -