Friday, August 12, 2016

56 107 111 666 | Reported police officer shooting in Hatch, New Mexico, August 12, 2016

The coordinates of Hatch are ripe for a shooting.

This shooting comes on August 12, 2016, a date with '56' numerology.  That is a number connected to the 'Blue Lives Matter' bill, signed by the 56th Governor of Louisiana.

8/12/2016 = 8+12+20+16 = 56 (Black Lives Matter = 56)

From the date of the Blue Lives Matter bill, until today's shooting, is 11-weeks and 1-day.

New = 5+5+5 = 15
Mexico = 4+5+6+9+3+6 = 33 (Police) (Race War) (Black Lives)
New Mexico = 48 (Propaganda) (Hoax)

New = 14+5+23 = 42
Mexico = 13+5+24+9+3+15 = 69
New Mexico = 111 (666, 111x6)

Two year veteran?

Two = 20+23+15 = 58 (Freemasonry)


  1. everything down in our grocery stores in San Antonio is all about Hatch pepper this and Hatch popcorn - literally everything. this came out of nowhere within the last week as far as the multitude of items and those on display.

    I got to the grocery store a lot. we like food.

    1. That would be because The Hatch Chile Festival is approaching. Hatch is considered Home of the Green Chile -- the basic ingredient in most New Mexican Spanish cooking. Harvest time is early fall.

      Fun Fact: The Green Chile was one of the first food crops to be Genetically Modified ... thanks to profs at NMSU. Meanwhile, other profs from NMSU are working daily at nearby White Sands Missile Range to bring Better DRONES into the world ... Lol! ;D :D

  2. That two year veteran thing is hilarious. Only at war individuals are considered veterans after two years. Just more propaganda PANDA work for the

    War at Home--104

    Ovet and out.

    1. Good point! Undoubtedly the use of that word means something ... thanks for mentioning it! ;D :D

  3. Suggest reading the Las Cruces Sun News article (Google: "hatch, NMSU shooting" & it'll show up). Lots more detail in it.

    Interestingly, OHIO is now claiming that the 3 suspects killed NINE others in Ohio, & that they've been searching for them for THREE MONTHS! However, Dona Ana County LEOS haven't confirmed ANY of that ... nor have THEY released the suspect's names (unlike Ohio).

    Sounds like OHIO has some executions they want to "get rid of" .., & for "Some Reason" ... OHIO wants these "Suspects" in THEIR CUSTODY.

    THE ARTICLE SAYS THEY WERE DRIVING A "GRAY LEXUS" -- here we go with the "GRAY THEME" again ... BACK TO the THREE GRAY "WINNERS" of the BELMONT ... again! ;D :D

  4. The LCSN article says they were heading South ... from Hatch, NM towards Radium Springs. But it NEVER mentions that there's a BORDER PATROL CHECKPOINT -- on I-25 -- right between the two places.
    Border Patrol is FEDERAL -- yet the Sheriff's Office spokesman ONLY cites Dona Ana County law enforcement as being involved in The Chase. You'd think that with ANY "Dead LEO" -- nearby Feds would also be involved in "The Hunt".

    Speaking of "DEAD LEO" & "Hunting" ... aren't we about due for another LION-THEMED HEADLINE??

    Also: Heading South would've been a huge misstep anyway -- they would've driven straight INTO Las Cruces, NM ... the largest city between Arizona & El Paso, TX.

    GOING NORTH would've taken them into mountains & reservations. Big blunder for THREE ASSASSINS -- supposedly so good at "hiding" (according to "Ohio").

    Perhaps OHIO wants them back -- in their Protective Custody -- because They Were "Working" At The Behest Of "OHIO"??

    "SOCIETY OF THE CINCINNATI" -- 233 years old -- a "Patriotic Heritage Society" -- comprised ONLY of BLOODLINES LINKED to the "FOUNDING FATHERS".
    (When reading about their members, remember NOT to be fooled by "patrician-sounding" names ... MANY of them ANGLICIZED their names upon arriving from EUROPE ... A deliberate ploy to HIDE their Jewish, Central European Roots.)

    "Anglicized" is appropriate to Hatch, NM -- it's what happened to the region AFTER WW2 ... when NM was inundated with PROJECT PAPERCLIP "escapees". In fact, the whole region around Radium Springs, Elephant Butte, etc. was heavily settled by them -- due to the region's close proximity to "Other, Less Well-Known Federal Operations" nearby (less recognition than "White Sands" -- but all part of the same Organization & Operations). ;D :D