Wednesday, August 10, 2016

52 88 174 | August 8, 2016, 'decapitated' train worker story out West Sussex

This story is from August 8, 2016.  Notice the emphasis on 'decapitated'.

Also, notice where the man was from.  It corresponds with the numerology of the date.

8/8/2016 = 8+8+20+16 = 52

As for 'West Sussex', it has the 'New World Order' gematria.

There's more to this story.  Perhaps my friend in the U.K. have an idea at what it is hinting to.

We've seen trains used for political and sports riddles in the recent past.


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    1. The Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland

    2. what if this plus the KC water slide decapitation stories are tributes to super bowl 50 and the 24-10 score?

      kid dies at 10 approximately 50 feet from the bottom.

      24 year old dies in train incident at 5:30

      again with this 5:30 death time in relation to the couple married for 63 years and now this.

    3. here we go again with this 5:30 time associated with death.

      one top story on CNN details how officers received a call at 5:30 for a vandalism complaint about 14-16 year old suspects and the ensuing outcome was a 14 year old boy being shot and killed after shooting at the police while running away.

      1:11 video time or 77 seconds.

  2. Remember John Walsh from America's Most Wanted supposedly had a son named Adam who was supposedly kidnapped from a Sears in Florida and decapitated and thrown in a river or some other nonsense. Obviously that's a lie but there must be some other reason for the stories other than to scare.

    Kids, heads removed, could be symbolic of whatever it is they do to make people so dumbed down. I have often felt as though I've been lobotimized or something. Head and body connection severed
    A Dummkopf is a fool. Kennedys head blown off. The French guillotines. John the baptist, the head in a jar characters in Futurama, then theres busts of famous people just head maybe shoulders, Mt Rushmore, Max Headroom, it's repeated in many ways over and over.

    1. Yes -- every week there are at least a few stories about Heads! Always reminds me of The Reformation ... Christians love to portray beheadings as a "Muslim thing" -- but the Truth is that it was the Protestant Christians who racked up the greatest "Head Count".

      And I think that DOES have implications about Dumbing Us Down. It was Martin Luther & Baruch Spinoza who stunned the Royal elite in the 15/1600s with their "Foolproof Plans" to ensure that the Peasants would never SERIOUSLY rise up again. It was all about FILLING THEIR HEADS WITH NONSENSE -- BY FORCE IF NECESSARY (from which we got Mandatory School Attendance).
      To Control The Peasants, you must: Confuse them so they can't think straight; Feed them False "Knowledge"; Force them to "Specialize" so that they remain ignorant about all other things; & Teach them to Depend Upon on the Expertise Of Others -- instead of being self-sufficient ... it's all there ... easy to see they're STILL following the Same Formula.

      In that regard, you could say THEY probably feel as though OUR Heads BELONG to Them. Maybe that's why Skull & Bones are so proud of their "Skull Collection" -- all of them from famous people -- & all stolen from their graves. It was PRESCOTT BUSH ... Jr.'s Grandfather & founding member of S & B ... who "proudly" stole GERONIMO'S skull from Ft. Sill, OK. (And despite orders from a judge, they STILL refuse to give it back!!)

      Heads Up / Hands Up / Headline News / Head Office / Head of Dept. -- it's EVERYWHERE around us ... ;D :D

    2. A skull is a cup of sorts or a bowl.
      Ebola - scooped out brains and guts
      GI tract
      GI Joe

      Think of body parts and illnesses in symbolism terns as well. Look at every single thing as symbolic because it is

  3. google east grinstead ley lines

    east grinstead scientology


    1. Thanks for sharing this -- been reading up on it, & there IS something weird about that area. has a lot of good info too. I definitely feel that Ley Lines are being utilized in many ways -- & that is why it's been labeled a "pseudo-science" ... just like Gematria.

      At least Britain HAS their Ley Lines documented -- the U.S. OFFICIALLY claims "there are no such maps" for America ... which is why you can't go online & easily find out if there are any near your home.

      In my opinion, those who are "connected" (elite, exclusive or secret societies, etc. -- the usual crew ...) are using them for Free Energy.

      If you pay attention, you will find areas where the power lines don't run to the houses. Yes, I know about Underground Lines -- but this is something different. On aerial maps & at the site itself, you will ALWAYS find an "Above Ground Pool" in an ODD PLACE -- either Half-Hidden Under Trees (people who actually USE their pools don't want leaves, bird droppings & algae in their water) ... or ... the pool will be an unusually long distance away from the house -- with NO walkway to it & no deck around it.
      Since I first began noticing this several years ago, I've had time to make note of a few other consistent things: when everyone else loses power (due to a storm, etc.) THESE homes NEVER lose theirs -- & you NEVER hear a generator running; they will often have areas lit up where power would be hard to install -- yet there are no signs of lines, poles, solar or wind energy, etc.; there are unusual-colored "Energy Signatures" near the "pools" (which tend to remain covered 24/7) that tend to show up on maps when you zoom in close enough -- they're generally red, blue or purple & the really strong fields even distort the imagery of the area.

      You made a good point about an important area we all need to be reminded of -- thanks! ;D :D

    2. That makes me think of the Voynitch manuscript. I looked at it online a while back mostly to look at the drawings since I'm an art nerd, bit I remember there were drawings of pools and like a bunch of woman inside what looked like a hot tub. It reminded me of the movie Hot Tub Time machine.

  4. Cant find much as of yet mate, could be foretelling the winner of the premier league, perhaps the title comes back to a London club.. Arsenal are my pick this year.

    The train was travelling from Gatwick to Victoria station... Victoria station was named after Queen Victoria. Lets see if they confirm his age and name - I Dont seem to make any connection with him being 24. If he was 25 i'd say its linked to the premier league as its 25 years old.

    1. The reports are that the man was 24.

  5. this era of 'beheadings' continues:

    recall too the guy who just jumped into the net with no parachute ...

    Off with their heads!

  6. Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

    Virginia -- Virginia Wolf lived in East Grimstead in England where the beheading occurred yesterday

    Were not in Kansas anymore ...