Wednesday, August 10, 2016

89 | Second amendment, word by word, and why it became a bigger media focus August 9, 2016

Donald Trump made his remarks about the 'second amendment people' on August 9, or 8/9 as we write it in the U.S.  Notice the gematria of the word 'amendment'.

As for the coding of the headline, it is interesting.

Country = 116
Powerful = 116
Thursday = 116

We'll see what tomorrow's headlines bring, August 11, a date that is a mirror of the election, November 8.


  1. PLEASE PLEASE do a video about Stanley Kubrick & eyes wide shut

    The information kubrick presented in his films are EXTREMELY symbolic & he was killed for exposing bohemian grove in eyes wide shut

    1. Meh, that's just conspiracy candy IMO. Come on, why kill him and not Alex Jones? And what did he reveal that changed anything?Art is automatic plausible deniability, good art is supposed to lend itself to numerous interpretations and SK (y) is a brilliant artist. Plus, implying the director was murdered goes so well with the nefarious conspiracy themes it presented that it almost has to be a part of the movie IMO. It's PR gimmick like Blair Witch to get people talking and wondering and it's done that very well.

      I don't mean it as a criticism of you or anything I'm just so jaded ugh.

      I do love the SK faking the moon landing theory because that actually makes way more sense then the official story and he is certainly more than capable.

      Maybe he faked alot of footage we r shown as our supposed history. Seeing all these stupid drills passed off as news stories makes me doubt any of these supposed wars we r constantly reminded about ever happened.

    2. I hate when people ask Zachary to do work for them. Do it yourself. Brush up on your math and geometry.

  2. Looking at the title, it fairly leapt that "Second AmeNDment" incorporates the word SAND. In an earlier post you mentioned looking into the name SAuNDers -- it also incorporates SAND. Just like SANDy Hook, SANDy Bland ... etc. etc. -- practically EVERY event has "SAND" in there somewhere.

    Don't forget "SANDy Point" -- the neighborhood that Burned To The Ground right in the midst of Super Storm SANDY -- the hurricane that threatened to take out NYC. "Ironically" that neighborhood "just happened" to be nearly 100%" comprised of "Firefighters Who'd Survived 9/11". No one was killed -- but EVERY single one of these "Firefighter's Homes" BURNED ... smack dab in the MIDDLE of a HURRICANE ...
    "Coincidentally" a News Camera "just happened" to capture it all -- from the FIRST few flames to the Raging Inferno that followed (a fire that graciously stopped at street corners & honored other "neighborhood boundaries"). Good thing EVERYBODY "just happened" to have already "Evacuated" -- taking their "most precious things" with them ...

    Whatever the reason ... "S A N D" ... Seems to be VERY "Important" ... ;D :D