Wednesday, August 10, 2016

33 44 58 113 143 223 | August 10, 2016, 223rd day of the year, man climbs Trump Tower

Today is August 10, 2016, the 223rd day of the year.

Election = 83; Leap Year = 83; The Donald = 83

I'll do some decoding on this one, come back for updates.

Notice the Tower being climbed is 58-stories tall.  Donald Trump, definitely in the gang, as we have well established.  This election will be the 58th Presidential election ever.

United States = 40/49/58

I'm also reminded of the 'Trump Tombstone' story from Easter Sunday, March 27, 2016.

Recall, that story came Easter Sunday, March 27, 2016.

Trump is running to be the 44th person to be President, the 45th President.

Notice the opening of the building was November 30, 1983, coming up on its 33-year anniversary this fall, voting month.  The coordinates of the building also sum to '113', much like the date, 11/30.

Scottish = 113; Mainstream = 113; Dishonest = 113

11/30/1983 = 11+30+19+83 = 143 (One Hundred Forty-Three = 113)
11/30/1983 = 11+30+(1+9+8+3) = 62 (Mason)
11/30/1983 = 1+1+3+0+1+9+8+3 = 26
11/30/83 = 11+30+83 = 124
11/30 = 11+30 = 41 (USA) (41, 13th Prime)

***Notice above, today leaves 143-days left in the year.

Today is 113-days until the 33-year birthday of the tower.

For another '113', let us not forget the GOP Convention began 113-days before election day, July 18, 2016 to November 8, 2016.

Read about Donald Trump's books and '113' plus more:


  1. Nice job! Keep investigating. I don't think I will be able to post my findings within this hour. However, you can use my findings on my blog on your channel as long you credit me.

  2. "Message to Mr. Trump" =223
    (why I climbed your tower) =111
    The Human Fly = 52 , 133
    also note he was using suction cups. there is that whole Olympics story about athletes having those round marks on their bodies because of some suction cup therapy bullshit

  3. 8+10+(2+0+1+6)= .. 27 ..

    Tower" in the English Ordinal system equals 81 (Aug.-10 ?)

    Tower" in the English Reduction system equals 27

    Climb" in the English Ordinal system equals 39
    (New York = 39)

    August Tenth" in the English Reduction system equals
    39 / 48

    Climb Tower" in the English Reduction system equals 48

    Climb Trump Tower" in the English Reduction system equals 73

    Check The Coordinates @ Trump Tower N.Y.

    Trump Tower 58 Stories Tall. Opened Nov. 30th 1983. 33 years ago.

    Kill Warning" in the English Reduction system equals 58

    November Thirtieth August Tenth" in the English Reduction system equals 133

    8+10+16= .. 34 ..
    8+10+20+16= .. 54 ..
    8+10+(2+0+1+6)= .. 27 ..
    8+1+0+(2+0+1+6)= .. 18 ..

    34+54+27+18 = .. 133 ..

    I Think the numeral's are pointing towards something going down Nov. 4th - Nov. 7th. I'll post more evidence as I compile it.

    1. Clap to you! I'll post gematria info of this incident on my blog ( when time permits.

  4. trump tower also 52
    Manhattan new York 203
    large suction cups 203

  5. I love how Trump Tower has a 3.3 (33) Google review rating.

  6. " man told police his name is Steve " = 118

    1. 118= DEATH!
      Seems most likely Trump will die on August 22 based on this event.

    2. Update, this incident also has 253 encoded, matching Reach Clinic located in Dallas, Texas. "Dallas Texas" also has that 118 DEATH gematria. Bottom line: someone will die in Reach Clinic.

    3. "Seven Hundred And Twenty Five" (the address number) = 118 in English Reduction.

    4. They're saying he's from Virginia and the headline I just saw quoted "Steve From Virginia". In ER that equals 95.

    5. I just heard Trump say that he's in Virginia today lol! What are the odds?

    6. Thanks for helping me. Is it okay if I show your work on my blog ( as long as I credit you?

    7. +thelendary07, the address you're talking about is the NY Trump Tower?

    8. Ok, I confirmed it by search. Thank you anyways.

    9. Yes. Also, there's a meme going around involving the Simpsons YET AGAIN. Apparently there was an episode with a guy called "The Human Fly", who climbed up skyscrapers using suction cups. Wow lol.

    10. Sometimes I think we live in the 3d version of Springfield.

      I was looking at a model of the solar system and trying to see it in a different way because frankly I have never been able to wrap my head around how that shit could ever possibly work. What I think it is is a symbolic story they try to pass off as literal like bible and everything else.
      Any way, they tell us the first four planets are rocky terrestrials, and the other four are gaseous, and we supposedly have four different catagories of the human race, black, white, red, and yellow, and 4 seasons, the Greeks four humors, 4 directions, etc...and I started to see how all these things seem to interact like a great big square dance. It seems like we are a part of some grand Al CheMICal blender.
      Every hot rocky planet would be matched with a frozen gaseous partner which I could see as a 2d medium like Television and radio signals like layers of frequencis stacked and given all the talkabout being spied on, spy satellites, phone monitoring, etc. It could be that we r being filmed as we go about our lives and then those images are mixed with each other, tweaked, photoshopped, and given the propaganda treatment and then resold to us as history, entertainment, and news and this way we r looking at ourselves as other. Wouldn't that be a trip?

      It makes so much sense to me because, I have always doubted that there are billions of people here. I think that's a lie, and it would explain why everything is just so fucking surreal and never makes any sense to me anyway. I've always thought of myself as kind of an alien because I just can't help noticing how nothing ever adds up but nobody else seemed to either notice or care.

    11. Anyway 3d and 2d mixing together would have to give us 5d eventually wouldn't it?

      Maybe all those numbers stations are like holding patterns, a numerical bookmark.
      I've been in to conspiracy theories long enough to see the same kind of patterns that r everywhere else. People have been getting riled up lately about some sort of holographic display in the sky which I think maybe David Icke started back in the late 90s that's when I first heard it anyway. But I suspect that the entire sky is holographic and it wouldn't supreme me if many big cities are as well. Most places in the US are so homogenous with ever present McDonalds, starbucks, gas stations, and the like that it would be fairly easy to switch one for another and just change the landscaping around it to match whatever zone u r in.

      If we live in a computer game then it would be super easy since the images would only need to be rendered in 3 d detail if you were there inside the city.
      Does a tree still fall in the woods if no one is there to observe it? No, but the next time you displayed it you could move things around and make it appear like the tree fell and who would doubt it? You touch a tree it feels solid so why would you doubt it and yet the history we r given and philosophy show that many many people have so I can only assume that they were given a reason to doubt it as we have been

      But looking thru the history presented it seems that many, many people have wondered if this place is real, the Buddhist pretty much preach that it's all bullshit, righ

    12. Do you think we are in a computer game?

  7. "I guarantee that it is in your interest to honor this request" in the English Reduction system equals 253... kind of like that 235 number

    1. 253= R E A C H Medical Clinic. Located in "Dallas, Texas", matching DEATH (118)!!!

    2. Lemme clarify, did the phrase came from that news coverage of that incident?

  8. Another "Prince" (Fielder) is canceled in 2016

    Rangers story where Arod retired too.

    Neck=33 😈