Monday, August 8, 2016

N.O.R.E., the three paths in mainstream hip-hop

Here's a video worth taking a second to watch.

Path one, you're on your own.
Path two, there might be some "homo shit" over there.
Path three, there might be some "sacrifice shit" over there.

The only thing I'm not sure about in this video, is if N.O.R.E. is telling the truth about what path he took.  I remember him getting a lot of radio and television attention for the earlier part of the 2000s.


  1. Pretty sure the homo and the sacrifice is the same

  2. Vladtvs controlled i think. Nore might be telling the truth but obviously not expanding enough

  3. Yo I was just listening to the new chili peppers album, great album by the way, but one particular song took me by surprise. The name of the song is called Feasting on the Flowers and it's about the death of the chili peppers original guitarist Hillel Slovak who supposedly died of a heroin overdose in 1988 right before the chili peppers mainstream success. Check this out, Slovak was born Isralei and died at age 26 the god number, which has emphasis put on it in this song.

    Hillel Slovak = 138

    He died 6/25/1988
    6+25+19+88= 138.....

    6+25+88= 119, one Israels favorite numbers, again Slovak born Israeli. Star of David, all seeing eye 119.

    I'm wondering if he was a sacrifice for the chili peppers mainstream success. This is shocking to me considering the peppers are my all time favorite band. There are several songs mentioning Slovaks death by them, he was supposedly Anthony kiedis' best friend and roommate. Kiedis goes into detail in his book about how when Slovak died he decided to literally disappear into South America for a few months...

    1. Real interesting lyrics here:

      "Feasting On The Flowers"

      I was walking through the streets I could not hear my best friend call
      He was feeling incomplete about to take his final fall
      Last thing I remember there were tears of blood and just not mine
      Any other day and I would save you from this cold decline

      Everything they said about everything
      Was a coming undone it's a life supreme
      I do and I don't, well I do and I don't, Oh yeah

      Feasting on the flowers so fast and young
      It's a light so bright that I bite my tongue
      I do and I don't, well I do and I don't, Oh yeah
      The next dimension, show me in

      We were moving in the world, expanding your realities
      A force of nature on the verge, commanding abnormalities
      Last thing I remember there was ringing in my selfish ears
      Twenty-Six a number much too small for someone's golden years

    2. "space may be the final frontier, but its made in a hollywood basement."

  4. NORE=156 (Francis Bacon)
    Thirty three=156

    In his most famous song 'superthug' he repeats the word "what" 56 times for each "chorus". There are 4 "chorus'" where he does this. 56x4=224(terrorist strike) .



    He references the real Manuel Noriega in the song.

    Manuel Noriega=135

    Manuel Noriega born in '34
    Noreaga=34 (the rapper spelling)

    Manuel Noriega's birthday is 2/11. And he returned to Panama 12/11/2011. Out of the 56 times per chorus Noreaga says "what" he says it 7 times before pausing for another 7. And another 7.. etc. Doing that 8 times. (7x8=56) Well, "what"=16 reduced. 16x7=112.

    Also, Panama Canal=77. Rapper Noreaga was born in '77.

    1. I forgot about that song, great work.

    2. Thanks. But I forgot to mention WHY I mentioned the Panama Canal other than the 77 connection! Noreaga mentions 3 paths! The Panama Canal has 3 lanes of locks. 3 up, 3 down.

  5. Thanks for posting this zach

  6. Can you please make a video for the death of stanley kubrick?

    Thanks for you hard work