Monday, August 8, 2016

112 | It was 'Uncle Murda' in the Colts hat in the T.I. concert shooting hoax earlier this year...

Houston  = 112
Andrew Luck = 112
Horseshoe = 112

Remember this post about Marvin Harrison from March 7?


  1. Bengals Fans Petitioning To Change Name Of Team To Cincinnati Harambe’s

  2. Delta Air had 365 cancelled flights this morning and massive delays still ongoing.
    Arrows pace, Airways, Airwaves, pilots and pillOhz
    Pole terra guests
    Last Year at Marienbad
    Morell's shroom Invention
    Strance things seem to be afoot @the Circuit K
    I guess will see

  3. Zach: anyway you can run the numbers on the Houston Astros Cuban defector they not too long ago signed: Yulieski Gurriel? 5 yeras at $47.5m. I think if Astros make it then he is the key. You notice Astros cant score any runs right now... Just a thought but you can shed some more light into it as I think it can possibly make things more clearer, when you have some free time. Thank you.

  4. The Astros are fucked. It wasnt meant to be for them. Texas Rangers are making WS from AL

    1. do the 2010 and 2011 Texas Rangers WS losses have anything to do with your prediction?

  5. UNCLE MURDA BORN 7/25/80 = 7+25+80= 112 !!!!!!!