Tuesday, April 2, 2019

42 58 119 142 181 | Russell Westbrook becomes second player in NBA history with 20 / 20 / 20 game & dedicates it to Nipsey Hussle

20 20 20, eh?

After the death on Slauson?

20+20+20 = 60....

Remember when Russell Westbrook set the triple double record for a season with 42?

This tribute comes on April 2, or 4/2.

It comes against the Lakers.

Oscar Robertson leads with 181.

The 'triple double' is the workhorse stat...

Nipsey Hussle.  Nipsey RussellRussel Westbrook?

This comes on Russell Westbrook's 142nd day of his age.

I won't even get into how 222-points were scored, or the Thunder won with 119.

4/2/2019 = 4+2+20+19 = 45 (Thunder's 45th win)

Again, it's all Freemasonry.


  1. Westbrook gets his 134th triple double, Nipsey Hu$$le=134/53. Killed a span of 134 days till 8/11/19. The date you're looking out for.Tisha B'Av=134/53. His girlfriend Lauren London father is Jewish

  2. From Wilt Chamberlain's until Russell Westbrook's 20 20 20 was 614 months.
    Makes me think of Flag Day 6/14.
    This may be a riddle of America.

    And think about George Washington.
    He was born on 2/22.
    Take the zeros away from 20 20 20.

    1. American Independence Day is 7/4
      "Independence Day" = 74
      "Nipsey" = 74

  3. After the game Westbrook said: "This was not for me, this was was for Nipsey, 20 + 20 + 20, THEY know what that means".

  4. Yo zach if you've got time you sgould check out this clip from the ending of a Rick and Morty episode that has ice t in it...its clearly alluding to letters and numbers.

  5. "One Runs Wins"====134 K <<< Seattle 2-1 Win
    "April Second"===== 134 K <<< How Many Westbrook Triple Doubles?

    "Triple Double"=====555 J

    "Westbrook's Triple Double April Second"===402 O <<< On What Day?
    "Sixteen Point Thunder Win Date"========402

    "Tributes to Rapper Nipsey Hussel"========134 R
    "Triple Double [Tuesday April Second]"======134 R
    "Triple Double on April Second"==========134 R
    "April Second"=====================134 K
    "Vesica Piscis"=====================134 O < How Many WB TDs?

    "Tribute to a Rapper Dates"====92 R <<< On 92nd Day?
    "Nipsey Russell Tributes"===== 92


    1. "Russell Westbrook [Twenty-Twenty-Twenty]"============= 555 O
      "Oklahoma Thunder's Score April Second [One Hundred Nineteen]"=555
      "Triple Double"================================ 555 J


  6. Did you see the new Joker trailer? All following the clues surrounding the death of Nipsey Hussle https://youtu.be/KcSSchnq_JE

    1. "Movie Release Date of [Joker]"===104 R <<< October Fourth Release?

      "Movie Release Date of [Joker]"=== 331 K <<< What Day did Nipsey Die?
      "Hollywood Movie Title of [Joker]"==331


    2. What do u mean 331 the release date is 104


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