Tuesday, October 22, 2019

115 | Juan Soto, the star of World Series Game 1, October 22, 2019

Baseball = 54
54 outs in a game 

#22, the big start on October 22, World Series Game 1. 

Today on Patreon we talked about Juan Soto and even maybe Zimmerman as MVP candidates, and two great value picks.  They were the only two we discussed, and they turned out to be the only two to hit HRs for the Nationals in World Series, Game 1.

19 hits, to start the 2019 World Series.

112 pitches for strikes against Houston, by Washington.  Houston = 112

Notice Soto and Zimmerman with the HRs.

They had two home runs, the only two, on the 22nd.


Nationals had 35 at bats.  149, 35th prime; Skull and Bones = 149

It was a span of 149-days from the start of Cole's winning streak, May 27, 2019, the 147th day of the year.  Wold Series = 147

Remember it was the Skull and Bones riddle that lead us to a narrative of an Astros and Nationals 2019 World Series.  And don't forget, we just saw Verlander fall to 14-9 in the postseason, 322-days after the death of H.W., the member of "322", Skull and Bones.


  1. If you add the hitters together 11 and 22 you get?

  2. After Soto's home run, the announcers casually pointed out that their hitting coach literally guaranteed that Soto would hit a high fastball for a home run off Gerrit Cole. How's that for some foresight...

    1. against one of the best pitchers in the league lol, what a "coincidence"

  3. The last time Washington, DC was in the World Series was in 1933, when they lost to the New York Giants. (Interesting to note that the original Senators were frequently called the Nationals). This World Series is peculiar in that it will be a 1962 National League Expansion team (originally the Houston Colt .45s) vs. a 1969 National League expansion team (originally the Montreal Expos).


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