Friday, October 18, 2019

62 67 73 74 122 | Mark Hurd, Oracle CEO, dead at 62, October 18, 2019, before start of 74th NBA season

Mark Hurd, CEO of Oracle is dead at 62, on a date with 67 numerology.

He is dead October 18, 2019.

10/18/2019 = 10+18+20+19 = 67

Notice he has died on the day leaving 74-days left in the year.

Think of Oracle Arena in Oakland, California.

It is the 74th NBA season upcoming.

Notice the season opens with Zion Williamson in Toronto, Ontario.

Don't forget the Zion sweepstakes were May 14, 2019, the 71-year anniversary of the establishment of Zionist Israel, May 14, 1948.

The name Mark Hurd also connects to Golden State, summing to 122, like how the season begins on October 22, or 10/22.

Don't forget the Church of Satan was established in San Francisco.


  1. You are hilarious Mr Hubbard. You believe in a Jewish World Conspiracy to the point of using a Jewish practice such as Gematria and yet... never have I ever seen you use the Jewish Calendar... a calendar that is actively used by Jewish World today that would go along with your Jewish World Conspiracy and Gematria.

    You make absolutely no sense Mr Hubbard. Completely illogical

    1. You should see the scam he's running on Patreon.

    2. How do people on patreon continue supporting and even convince people they should join it’s insane

    3. @Anthony When I found out that he charges people money to subscribe to his Patreon, that immediately set off a red flag for me. I can't prove it with absolute certainty, but I REALLY am starting to get suspicious that this is a fraud.

  2. What a crazy synchronicity. I just read a comment about boulders being placed on the sidewalks in San Francisco. I watched a news report about it published 9/29/19, 1 month and 18 days after 8/11 and 40 days before 11/8. It was published on a date with 77 and 32 numerology, the Gematria value of "boulder." Boulder is also 40 and it would've been 40 days until 11/8. In the title of the video the words "Boulder Battle" are highlighted which sum to 137/214. I couldn't put my finger on the 214 until I saw this post about the Church of Satan being opened in San Francisco. "Church of Satan" 137/214. Guess what? That news report came 214 days before the 54th anniversary of that church. Are they the ones pulling that stunt with the boulders? That church is in its 53rd year now. "Tisha B'Av" 53. November 8 leaves 53 days in the year.

  3. "Why Mike Pompeo has been Distant" = 315 <<< Q Wrist Watch?
    "Hammer Time Symbol on Deep State" = 315
    "Deep State Arrests Symbol" = 315
    "Beginning in November" = 315
    "Eleven Eight Nineteen" = 315
    "Celebration" = 315

    1. "Why Mike Pompeo has been Distant" = 2112 [21 + 12 = 33]
      "Trump Forces government into Chaos" = 2112

      "Reverse Digits Sequences Only" = 2112

      119 + 191 + 911 = 1221

    2. @Jake
      Mar a lago has a bunker
      JFK bunker 10 minutes away also
      Remember parkland school NAME
      Check out the NAME of the Original owner
      Of Mar a lago
      Remember Nixon also had a Winter WH in Miami
      I just Noticed Elizabeth WARren is throw up the double 6’s exactly like Trump.
      Hillary just stated “ Russians have installed a candidate “ in the Democratic Party
      Sources say it’s the lady from Hawaii!
      The same place that had the false missile & tsunami alerts

      Hillary is at Seattle University tonight 7:30pm
      Gutsy woman book tour

  4. Hillary in Seattle

  5. Is anyone paying attention to the 74/115 that's in play? 74th NBA Season and 115th World Series starts on 10/22 or 122. Kansas City=122/67, Mahomes=74/115, Brees has 74,000+ yards and 1/15(115)bday. Turning 41 in '20. Thirteen=99/45/117, New England=99/45, New Orleans=45/54, Fifty-Four=54\117\45, Forty-Five=54/117/45. Is SuperBowl 54 theme "the battle of 40year old QB's?" was the Mahomes injury apart the riddle? I now have Saints over Patriots. Today 10/18/19 the 291 day of year, 74 days remaining, is the 50th anniversary of the debut of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Abdul-Jabbar=74, tribute to Kareem today? Oscar Palmer Robertson=122, Robertson=45/117/54, retired in '74, 45 years ago.

  6. could hurd's death be a sacrifice for the new arena? the warriors are going to be playing in a new arena in 2020? They are going back to San Fransico and the new arena is called the chase center. Chase center=47 in full reduction

  7. The Oakland arena became the oracle arena in 2006. The Oakland arena opened in 1966. The warriors have been playing under the name oracle arena for 13 years. The price tag of the new chase center is 1.4 billion dollars. 41 is the 13th prime number.


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