Wednesday, October 23, 2019

69 159 163 | Mark Zuckerberg compared to Donald Trump in Washington D.C., October 23, 2019

Notice the connection between Mark Zuckerberg, Donald Trump, and Scottish Rite.

 Today leaves 69-days in the year.

This comes on Zuckerberg's 163rd day of his age.


  1. If Nationals go 2-0 tonight.. to ne, thst means Redskins win tomorrow. It's tied 2-2... will it stay that way till the 7th or 8th inning?

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  3. WTF is Verlander throwing 115 pitches tonight?

  4. Nationals scored in the 7th inning , ha

  5. @ ram

    Scroll to the very bottom “ Sweep”

  6. Number 2 hits a 2 run homer.. score was tied at 2 for 7th inning.Redskins, I assume get win 2 tomorrow

    1. You may be right
      AP26 revenge game with Kenum
      61 yards miracle
      Skins come in 1-6 can improve to 2-6 AP tribute
      Or drop to 1-7 and bring Haskins in to skin a Buffalo Bill

  7. @Ram
    Listen to Carlin on “ Hats”
    Look at the mockery #39 closing for Houston
    #22 Jimmy Butler Miami heat DNP today 😂
    “ Personal reasons” born in Houston
    Soto’s family #22 showing the cameras their asses 😂

  8. Suzuki hero tonight Jap
    Japan has a new Emperor
    The Toyota Center in Houston
    That 3 year old Cupcake was abducted in a Toyota Sequoia Royal BLUE =39 truck
    The kidnaper age 39

    Houston beat a Japanese manager Dodgers 😂
    Now the Japanese player killing Houston
    The Cuban player on Houston made the racist
    Slanted eye gesture during 2017!WS

  9. Houston showed us who wins the series


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