Saturday, October 19, 2019

39 68 167 | Jose Altuve sends Houston Astros to World Series on 167th day of his age, for owner Jim Crane, October 19, 2019

Notice Altuve's game winning home run came on his 167th day of his age.

This happened October 19, 2019, a date with 68 numerology, connecting to the owner as well.

10/19/2019 = 10+19+20+19 = 68

In total, 43 runs were scored in the series.


  1. On YouTube everyone praises Hubbard but on his blog everyone rips him to shreds. Kind of strange actually.

    1. It’s shills on his YouTube. People that speak out get blocked on there. I’m the sure the ones on his patreon who see what a fraud he is get blocked so they don’t expose him

  2. Josè altuve =118
    George bush World Series like I said before

  3. I wonder how many suicides you’re responsible for 😂

  4. 167 the 39th prime number. NY=39 New York, Empire, New York, NY

    1. No shit Captain Obvious, its in the Blog Entry you just replied on smfh.

    2. Zach sometimes adds stuff from comments into his posts later so it's possible it wasn't there before.

  5. Falcons

    1. Nationals win 115th WS
      Redskins will go 1-15. Just give up on them already.

    2. Yea. Redskins a joke. Won't win more than 2-3 games at most. Cincy, Miami will hold #1#2 draft picks

    3. Case Keenum can get win 28
      49ers =28
      Jimmy can go 13-3 as a starter
      NFL =13
      NFL =49

      Upset =54
      Redskins =54
      Golden gate =45
      NFL =49
      Washington =49

      Redskins can go 2-5 with a win
      Jimmy =25
      SF =25
      49ers =52
      Garoppolo =52
      Week seven =25

      49ers can go 5-1
      Fifty one =100
      100th NFL season

      Redskins upset 49ers =115,223
      Garoppolo =115
      NFL =32

      Bay Area =26
      Case =26
      Jimmy =29
      Washington Redskins =229

      Remember the last time the Redskins made the playoffs I think was in 2015 when the 49ers hosted Super Bowl =50
      Washington =50

      10+20+19 =49

      Washington =49

    4. Does Haskins upset the 49ers though?

      Dwayne =27
      Upset =27,54,81
      Backup =54
      Haskins =45,27,81
      Redskins =54
      Dwayne Haskins Jr =181,64
      Bay area =46
      Golden Gate Bridge =81
      Dwayne =90
      Golden gate =90
      Upset =18
      Back up= 18

      Haskins was a 1st round 15th pick
      Garoppolo =115
      Redskins upset 49ers 115

      He went to OSU
      Ohio State University =50
      Washington =50

      Nick Bosa on the 49ers also played at OSU

      Week 7
      Haskins wears 7

      OSU recently beat Illinois 52-14 (66)
      Haskins played at OSU Jimmy was born in Illinois and played for Eastern Illinois Redskins can go 2-5 like 52
      Jimmy =25
      Garoppolo =52
      49ers =52
      SF =25
      NFL =14
      1+4 =5 (49ers stay on 5 wins)

      Remember what NFL team is in it’s 100th season the Bears who are based out of Chicago Illinois and this is the 100th season

      California =88
      Washington is in their 88th season

    5. i don’t fully believe the Redskins will win but anything can happen

    6. ram, just stop man. your picks are fucking horrible

  6. #54 gives up homerun to Houston... maybe Houston Texans SB54?? Chap had a shit eating grin too after giving up the walk off. Reliving the Rajai Davis Cubs Indians moment. 😂

  7. astros six runs = 216
    walk = 47
    walk off = 74
    lick my nuts.

  8. Hi Zach, just an idea comes to me, if you don't mind, next time when you have an interview start by sentence like this..we the people of the world we been governed by people who are evil and they worship satan for hundreds of years and without the people realizing that and they use gematria to do that to control us and to hides their works and i can show how and why gematria because the God create this world by numbers and letters and all and everyone lives works this way.
    "Hope you like it Zach, for us being Flowing u for years examples are good but for the people doesn't know u,i think they need General introduction of why u are doing this

  9. Week 7 picks +predicted scores

    Texans beat Colts 27-21
    Redskins upset 49ers 25-20
    Vikings beat the Lions 27-14
    Packers beat Raiders 28-24
    Falcons beat the Rams 35-28
    Bills beat Dolphins 27-10
    Jags beat Bengals 21-10
    Cardinals beat Giants 17-14
    Chargers beat Titans 20-17
    Bears beat Saints 19-17
    Seahawks beat Ravens 27-23
    Cowboys beat Eagles 25-24
    Patriots beat Jets 35-16

  10. Chapman leaving a nice hanger up there for Altuve to hit out. So obvious.

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  12. Keenum started game 1for1, for -3.. that to me means Redskins will be 1-3 home and Niners 3-1 road, when game is over.

  13. From page 76 of a 49ers in game thread
    pasodoc9er Moderator

    Both field goals missed by holder having ball set up leaning left....instead of vertical
    He Can't put 2 and 2 together

  14. 27=9
    Khawi age 27 upset Warriors
    Jimmy G age 27
    Bryce Harper age 27
    Brady age 42
    NFC 27 rings
    #9 brees out #9 Statford wife brain cancer #9 foles out
    #27 Yankees titles out
    #27 altuve hero
    72 Dolphins undefeated
    Super bowl 42 was 2007 season 18-1 patriots

    1. You go ,keyboard warrior! Thumbs up lol. Only when Skins are mathematically eliminated, will I say- welp, I was wrong. Viva la fakery!.

    2. @ram do you feel stronger about niners in SB or redskins in playoffs?

  15. I want to know who his handlers are


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