Thursday, October 24, 2019

68 86 | Anita Hill is ready to hold Joe Biden accountable, October 24, 2019 news

Read about Anita Hill's accusations against Clarence Thomas, by the numbers:

Don't forget how it connects to Brett Kavanaugh either.

As you see, it was all about 86, and this latest news comes 86-days after her birthday.

This latest news comes October 24, the day leaving 68-days left in the year.


  1. Like the Quantum Computer = 1122 article

    Santa Monica = ?

  2. Zach.... remember when you said Hilary was going to win president?! And how Andrew Luck and the Colts were winning the super bowl???

    Remember when you said Conner Mcgregor would beat Khabib because of 223 but that never happened, Khabib whooped him...

    1. Wouldn't it'd be suspicious if he was always right about everything? Also I'm pretty sure he made a video, prior to the election, in which he laid out the reasons why he was starting to see the coding pointing to Donald Trump.

      I can understand gambling addicts getting upset when they spend all their energy dickriding on some other dude's sportsball picks and then blow all their money because he's not right 100% of the time. I think that's more your fault than his fault, but whatever.. people who are not gambling addicts can keep these things in perspective, but when you have money on the line, with every word out of another dude's mouth, that must get pretty stressful.

      Probably bet on the election, too.. didn't ya?

    2. I don’t bet. He’s a scumbag for hiding most of his content on patreon because he believes people should have to pay a price for it because he claims he’s so great at it. That’s the issue atleast for me anyway

    3. Depends what he does with the money, if he hordes it while not following through with challenging the system on some real way then, I agree. If you want to bet sports learn to see the narrative and make your own choices. "Listen to all follow none." If you follow someone else you deserve to lose every time.

    4. Remember his 33k donations campaign he ran? What did he do with that money exactly?

    5. Nobody cares about people losing picks. People care about when some claims to be the best in the world better than any sports gambling professional who knows the script from top to bottom who called all these winning games blah blha lbah blahdhskayr.. bullshit yeah right

  3. Check out the suspicious death of Truett Foster McKeehan on October 22nd

    A week after his first show, sudden death, no known cause. Nashville = 102/39

  4. World Series 2-2
    The winner Broke the tie #28 Suzuki

    TNF tied 3-3
    Nationals 1933
    (D)Alvin (C)ook #33 FSU (Seminole)


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