Thursday, October 24, 2019

122 141 | Warriors lose home opener 122-141, in a San Francisco triibute, October 24, 2019

The Warriors played their first home game in San Francisco since 1971.

Notice the score was 122.

To 141.

October 24 leaves 68-days in the year.


  1. raymondbelljrOctober 24, 2019 at 9:41 PM

    Rams Jackson you are just like the Rams of the Super Bowl with your picks

    It’s just doesn’t show up 😂😂
    I did say the Rams would lose that game.
    so i'm obviously not a homer/fan

  2. #45 Trump will be at game 4 Sunday of the Nationals Sweep or series tied 2-2. The 27th on SUNday

    Kennedy in office 1,037 days
    From Sunday the 27th It will be 27
    Days till trump is in office 1,037 days


    Bryce Harper age 27 was shipped out of town
    To philly “ city of brotherly love”
    Notice the Asian billionaire age 24 from Trumps
    alma mater WHARTON=36

    3 weeks 6 days till 11/22 😈 on the 27th

    Think congressional game

  3. On Trumps 71st birthday in 2017
    The confessional game shooting

    From June 14 2017
    Till 11/22/2019 29 months 9 days like 119/911

    1. From 6/14 to 10/27
      4 months 13 days Harry
      Reverse pie of course
      4/13 103rd day of year
      Why we see Josh/Melvin Gordon stories this year
      Both born 4/13

    2. Interestingly enough from 11/22 to 10/27
      11 months 5 days

    3. Also 339 days from 11/22
      339 = baseball diamond
      The Capitol
      Zero Day
      Anti pi
      Black male

    4. 1122 = snowflake
      Twenty Two year old
      Killing spree
      Eleven Thirteen
      (Bennett's bday)
      Coincidence he was traded to Dallas?
      1122 also = October third
      Vesica Pisces
      1122 also = little Bo Peep
      Wonder why she was brought back in Toy Story 4 this year?

      Could go on and on but I'm # work actually lol

    5. Anti pi is Tau
      Circumference and radius
      Think MOA
      Zero Day is security breach

  4. Sunday the 27th is a new moon also. Theres always something happening on new moons,half moon and full moon. Watch for those rituals too.

  5. raymondbelljrOctober 25, 2019 at 6:28 AM

    Rams you are literally so bad it’s funny cause you still try to deny everything that’s obvious right now just so you don’t look bad and it’s not a small side note I can literally go back and get everything you have got wrong this season
    What you'll find is this. I predicted Brees getting injured. I predicted Jags beating Titans on Thursday night when everyone here said titans.
    I said before season that Saints,Rams,Chiefs,Packers,Dallas,Seahawks,Vikings wont make SB, therefore their progress in regular season is irrelevant.
    You'll find extensive detail on how Kaepernick relates to this years SB.

    Yes, I thought/think Redskins were to make playoffs. But that's one and only one thing wrong to 10 things right.
    Now, stop acting like a real sports fan on a forum.
    Being able to eliminate all those teams early on means I am literally brilliant at this.

    1. 49ers are not going to the SB dude. Get over that. Seriously. Just stop.

    2. You of course risk no answer of your own.

  6. It seemed like every game last year they scored 122.


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