Sunday, October 20, 2019

33 | First stat of SNF, Eagles @ Cowboys, October 20, 2019

They had to get the 33 up there.

The Eagles are playing the Cowboys.  Cowboys = 33

Notice the mention of 25 games as well.  Seven = 25

It is Week 7.


  1. He picked Eagles didn't he...

  2. The Cowboys just kicked a 63 yard FF

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  4. So, I was watching a cheesy football comedy on TCM, Return to Campus, from 1975.. they interview Ed Marinaro, the ivy league and Jets player who was in Hill street Blues.. he said.." I don't watch early season nfl games, they're Meaningless. There's so many games. A team can start 0-5 and still make the playoffs". You wanna call that a coincidence? Until the Redskins are officially out, I'll beat that drum lol

    1. Ram, you need God. Stop posting nonsense theories. You keep reaching for this upset theory which isn't there.

  5. Oh, the pickem.. ok. Glad it made your day. See ya next week !


  6. Anthony33October 21, 2019 at 9:43 AM

    Ram, you need God. Stop posting nonsense theories. You keep reaching for this upset theory which isn't there

    1. Ram - do you feel strongly about niners in SB or redskins in playoffs?

    2. "55" has to be a clue.. check this out... I saw this on NFL Network & they had a picture saying that only 'THREE' times in NFL history that "55" points was scored against a defending AFC/NFC Champions of the previous season.... & I think this has a connection to the 49ers... 49ers = 55

      - Chargers drops 55 on 1980 AFC Champions Oakland Raiders
      - In 1981, 49ers def. Bengals in Super Bowl XVI (16)
      - Sixteen = 33
      - Super Bowl 54 is on the "33rd" Day of the Year
      - XVI = 55

      - Colts drops 55 on 1987 AFC Champions Denver Broncos
      - In 1988, 49ers def. Bengals in Super Bowl XXIII (23)
      - Twenty Three = 55
      - Fifty Five = 54
      - "55", is the "10th Triangular"
      - Tenth = 22
      - Super Bowl 54 is on 2/2
      - XXIII = 33
      - Super Bowl 54 is on the "33rd" Day of The Year

      - Bucs drops 55 on 2018 NFC Champions LA Rams
      - 49ers currently 6-0... possible deep playoff run?

      Noticed how in 1981 & 1988, it was 49ers vs. Cincinatti Bengals in the Super Bowl...

      In Week 4 of the 2019 NFL Season, Bucs dropped 55 points on Super Bowl runner-up Rams.... & '5' years ago...
      In Week 4 of the 2014 NFL Season, Belichick made the famous statement after getting blown out.. "We're onto Cincinatti"

      Possible 49ers vs. Pats?...
      Shanahan vs. Belichick?
      Jimmy G vs. Brady?
      #10 vs. #12?
      10 + 12 = 22
      2/2/2020 is date of Super Bowl 54

      The two NFL Season that had 55pts scored against a defending AFC/NFC Champs happened in 1981 & 1988...which which is 7 years apart.. 49ers won the Super Bowl in 1981 & 1988.....

      Niners last played a Super Bowl in 2012... which is also 7 years apart from the current 2019 season... They loss the Super Bowl in 2012... Remember bucs became 3rd team in history to drop 55... the def. rams 55-40 (Forty=51) if they were to play in Super bowl 54 vs Pats & lose again..... itll be 7 years apart since they last played a SB... itll also be 49ers 7th Super Bowl appearance & Brady's 7th Super Bowl appearance

    3. SuperBowl XXIV 49ers scores 55 points against the Denver Broncos in the SuperBowl in 1990 the score in the SuperBowl was 49ers 55 Broncos 10 so 65 points total together but 55 points by the 49ers


  7. AnonymousOctober 21, 2019 at 7:42 PM

    Ram - do you feel strongly about niners in SB or redskins in playoffs?
    I said Niners since August, maybe earlier ,because of Deadly Class and Nos4A2. Redskins was just a side note I discovered right before season srarted


  8. Opening line: Vikings, -16.5 points

    Over the past six years, one of the easiest ways to get rich has been to bet against the Redskins in primetime. Since 2013, the Redskins have played a total of 22 night games and they've gone 5-17 both straight-up and ATS. For the 2019 season overall, the Redskins are 2-5 ATS, which is tied for the third worst mark in the NFL. As for the Vikings, they've been one of the safest home bets in the NFL over the past few years. In their past 20 home games, Minnesota has gone 16-4 straight-up and 15-5 ATS

  9. , Vikings point spread could make history
    By John BreechOct 21, 2019 at 8:34 am ET • 10 min read
    The Minnesota Vikings are favored by so many points this week that they might end up making some history.

    In the early odds for Week 8, the Vikings have opened up as a 16.5-point favorite over the Redskins, which is notable, because if that point spread gets any bigger, it will turn into the largest point spread ever for a Thursday game


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