Sunday, October 20, 2019

141 202 811 | Golden Gate Bridge Fall Down Go Boom (Strange YouTube video)

How many views is this video stuck on?

And notice the post date.

Remember, there are many more August 11ths to come.

The name of the channel is Bradsurdity.


  1. Yeah no, nothings happening but keep saying “this is the year” every year, you’re bound to be right eventually I suppose just like with Colts, they will win eventually and then you’ll try to claim you called it since 2016 😂

    1. You can not predict this stuff because it is not natural. You can only guess.

  2. From July 21, when this video was posted, to November 8, the day leaving 53 days left in the year is 3 months, 18 days.

    “Fault Line” = 53 (RR)
    “Bay Area” = 53 (O), 318 (Sumerian)

  3. Nov. 18 its the 322 day of the year...
    Was Tisha Bav on August 11 the 223 day of the year?? Yes it was.
    Like you said there is more 118/811 comming up but i will pay spacial attention to NOV. 18
    From July 21 2009 to Nov. 18 2019 its a spam of 11 years and 120 days
    A lot like 112... 211 the 47th prime, I just thought that was interesting...


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