Tuesday, October 22, 2019

41 74 103 | Willie Brown, Oakland Raider, dead at 78, October 22, 2019

He died on a date with 44 numerology.

10/22/2019 = 10+22+(2+0+1+9) = 44
Kill = 44 ---- Execution = 44
He died 41-days before her 79th birthday.  Super Bowl = 41

William Brown = 74; Oakland, California = 74

He has died on the opening day of the 74th NBA season, October 22, 2019.

Willie Brown stats:

His death comes 103-days before the Super Bowl (27th prime).  Ritual = 27

We've been talking about 103 a lot this season.



  1. Zach always conveniently misses the historical narrative. Ignores the Major story of the day that ties it all together. Purposefully accelerating the dumbing down of his own work. Just give up snitch.

  2. Lynching =47
    Unfortunate =47
    McConnell’s =44
    Mitch McConnell today regarding Trumps lynching comment.

    I posted keep an eye on Jim Brown , fuck they went for willie brown

    Tim Brown story up next? Or Former brown Bernie Kodar


  3. Willie Brown like Al Davis. died before the Raiders play the Texans in Houston.

    Willie Brown in 1963 thought he would be an Oiler according to HOF Gil Brandt


    I expect the Raiders to win like eight years prior in an upset. Derek Carr could get his 36 win against the team his brother was the first QB ever. ALSO, Carr was taken in the 36 pick in the 2014 draft AND WILLIE BROWN ANNOUNCED HIS NAME!

    1. Also the Texans had the 33 selection in that draft

      The Texans could move to 4-4 with a lost to the Raiders

  4. The Raiders wear AL decals in the back of their helmets.

    AL = 41 in reverse full & single reduction


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