Thursday, October 24, 2019

50 68 140 | Houston Astros fire executive Brandon Taubman, October 24, 2019, over outbursts at female journalists

Notice how the name Brandon Taubman syncs with Washington, who is smashing the Nationals in the World Series at the moment, up 2-0, and having scored 17 runs to Houston's 7.

Today is the 24th of October, leaving 68-days in the year.

It's been a day of 'female' empowering news.

Anita Hill story:
Summer Zervos:

More on the gematria of Brandon Taubman is as follows:

 Notice Brandon sums to 68.  Today leaves 68-days in the year.

Houston = 32; Brandon = 32

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  1. Isn’t it funny how Area 51 took off earlier this year, biggest distraction of 2019 and now we have Nationals probably going to win vs “Astros”


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