Monday, October 21, 2019

33 57 147 | Sam Darnold 'seeing ghosts', October 22, 2019

Seeing ghosts, eh?  Better than that staged clip, was the "head scratcher moment".  The announcer spoke of scratching his head about a decision, then the camera cut to Sam Darnold on the bench, and in that moment Darnold took off his hat and scratched his head.  The TV commentators were quiet for a moment.  Then they continued on.

As for 'seeinig ghosts'.

Freemason = 147
147-days from Sunday Week 1 to Super Bowl Sunday 

He's in the World Series city, and it starts tomorrow, so there could be a connection 

New York = 33
Massachusetts = 33
Sam = 33
Tom = 33
MNF = 33


  1. LOL what in the actual fuck does the Mets have to do with tomorrow's baseball game?

    1. hes getting desperate

    2. He's NOT in the World Series 'city'. It's Aliens vs. Americans, live from Houston. We have a problem?

  2. Opening line: Vikings, -16.5 points

    Over the past six years, one of the easiest ways to get rich has been to bet against the Redskins in primetime. Since 2013, the Redskins have played a total of 22 night games and they've gone 5-17 both straight-up and ATS. For the 2019 season overall, the Redskins are 2-5 ATS, which is tied for the third worst mark in the NFL. As for the Vikings, they've been one of the safest home bets in the NFL over the past few years. In their past 20 home games, Minnesota has gone 16-4 straight-up and 15-5 ATS

    , Vikings point spread could make history
    By John BreechOct 21, 2019 at 8:34 am ET • 10 min read
    The Minnesota Vikings are favored by so many points this week that they might end up making some history.

    In the early odds for Week 8, the Vikings have opened up as a 16.5-point favorite over the Redskins, which is notable, because if that point spread gets any bigger, it will turn into the largest point spread ever for a Thursday game

    1. Last year vikings where 17 point favorites versus the Bills, at home and lost. My guess is Kirk losses this week versus his old squad.just my guess

  3. "Seeing Ghosts" = 57, 60
    "Winning Team" = 57, 60
    "Define Agenda" = 57, 60
    "Code Name" = 60
    "Second" = 60

    "Two Trophies" = 60, 57 <<<<<<<<

    "World Series" = 57
    "Code Astros Win" = 57
    "Game Seven [Astros]" = 57

    "Seeing Ghosts" = 57, 147
    "Bet AL South" = 57, 147
    "Astros Victory" = 60, 147
    "Mock Nationals" = 444, 147
    "A Nationals Defeat" = 57, 147

    "Seeing Ghosts" = 57, 147
    "Match a [Sam Darnold]" = 57, 147

    "Sam Darnold" = 38
    "Pick Al West" = 38
    "Stros Win" = 38
    "AL Team" = 38
    "Winner" = 38

    1. "Sam Darnold" = 38, 61 <<< 18th Prime
      "Pick AL West" = 38, 61
      "NL Loss Codes" = 38, 61
      "Bet Dark Blue" = 38
      "Americans" = 38, 61

      "Darnold" = 32
      "Win Two" = 32

      "Wins Second" = 115 K <<< Which World Series?

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  6. You guys are so retarded... the actual quote is... "Im Seeing Ghosts".... but nooo you all want to shorten it to "seeing ghosts" to fit your programming

    1. normally i would agree, but if u google it, their is "seeing Ghosts' in quotes everywhere

    2. Well if you watched the actually game he literally says "Im Seeing Ghosts".... at least the Guardian quoted it correctly.... which is sad to say

      "Im Seeing Ghosts" = 70, yesterday had 70 date numerology and Patriots are now 7-0 for the season... this makes WAY MORE SENSE and is WAY MORE ACCURATE than this bullshit "Seeing Ghost" shorten quote that leads to nothing but the New York Mets??? Makes zero sense

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    4. Actually it's both. If you look at the 2 Headlines above, both ways are used...

      "I'm seeing Ghosts" = 169
      "A Washington Death" = 169
      "Sam Darnold" = 169
      "Fixed Game" = 169
      "American" = 169 <<< Houston is AL West

      "I'm seeing Ghosts" = 70
      "Stros Win Code" = 70
      "Astros" = 70

      "Signal Seventh Patriots Wins" = 330 K <<< MNF Score?

  7. Narrative = if any team knows Kirk Cousins tendencies, the Redskins do.

    1. Redskins are losing Thursday

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    4. Nah narrative = Kirk vs his old team Keenum and Adrain vs their old team it’s all about that 3 year 84 million dollar contract Kirk signed to play with the Vikings remember the Vikings had no intentions on resigning Keenum who took them to the playoffs in 2017

      October 24th =84,45
      Week eight =48
      Zimmer =84
      Mike Zimmer gets 54th all time win (including playoffs)
      Redskins =54
      Kirk =49,32
      NFL =49,32
      Eight =49,23,31
      Keenum and Cousins wear #8
      Thursday night football =112
      Kirk Daniels Cousins =112
      Cousins =100
      100th NFL season
      Vikings get win 14 all time vs the Redskins
      NFL =14
      TNF =14

      Vikings are 6-6 all time vs the Redskins at home can get win seven and go 7-6 at home all time vs the Redskins
      Kirk Cousins =76
      Seventy six =54
      Redskins =54
      Seven =25
      Minnesota =52
      Mike =25
      Stefon Diggs is 25 he wears the number 14 I expect him to have a big day remember TNF =14
      Stefon =25

      Kirk can get his 40th win all time as a starter
      TNF =40

      Etc etc

      I expect Cosuins and Diggs to have a great great game

    5. Oh and his 40th win as a starter on will come on TNF vs his former team
      TNF =40
      Forty =84

      All about that 84 million dollar contract like I said

    6. LMAOOOO

      Eighty four =62
      Vikings can go 6-2 on the season with a win LMAOOOO

    7. From the time Vikings signed Cousins on 3/15/18 to his first game vs his former Redskins team on 10/24/19 is 84 weeks apart LMAOOO

    8. Vikings in their 59th season

      Fifty nine =54,45
      Redskins =54
      Zimmer gets all time win 54 as the Vikings coach
      Mike Zimmer =59

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