Thursday, October 17, 2019

Video on Jim Fetzer's $450k fine taken down for "hate speech"


  1. I just read an NBC News article on the matter. They are simply trying to scare conspiracy theorists. It's not going to work.

  2. Zack still hasn't found the 187 clue that is riddled through all the news stories he posted today.... ITS SO OBVIOUS where the 187 clue is sitting if you know what you are doing...

    One Hundred Eighty Seven = 112
    Sandy Hook = 112

    Our North Star = 187
    Washington DC = 187

    Where is it Zack... where is the BIG 187 clue that is creating these new stories today? Here is a hint, it's part of today's date LOL you will never find it

  3. Raiders-Trent Brown domestic abuse allegations will affect a few games i think.. he was on niners and patriots, born in georgia, went to school in florida.. his initials are T.B , wore jersey # 77,67

  4. 450,000 Fine?

    "Four Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollar Fines Code" = 444

    "Coming Agenda to Citizens of the United States" = 444
    "Hello from the New World Order Government" = 444
    "Project for a New American Century" = 444
    "New World Order Government Agenda" = 444

    "CIA Black Operation" = 444
    "Signal a Deception" = 444

    "Jim Fetzer Fine Amount" = 95
    "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook" = 95

    "Fine Symbol [Forty Five]" = 911
    "Sandy Hook Hoax Symbol" = 911
    "Two Thousand Nineteen" = 911
    "NFL Points Tribute" = 911
    "Home Team Symbols" = 911

    "Three Four's Agenda Signal Code" = 911 <<< (3) 4's?

    450 Like 45?

    "Forty Five" = 54
    "Road Loss" = 45
    "Win at Home" = 45, 45
    "TNF NFL Code" = 45, 45
    "Away Game Defeat" = 54
    "Home Team Win" = 54, 54 <<< Gematriot

    "Gematriot Code" = 444
    "Kill Circle" = 444
    "Hollywood" = 444

  5. Let me guess... Zach and the crew are all picking Chiefs and Yankees today

    1. he stopped making picks. Just posts notes only which show both sides. Picks got real bad.

    2. Zachary k hubbard is a clown

  6. They also shadow ban comments that use "Bavarian Illuminati." Like, if you call out these YouTubers like TMartn, Tanner Fox, Logan Paul, Exploring with Cody, Colby and Sam or whatever, call them Bavarian Illuminati kids whose channels are staged by Masonry, the comment gets shadow banned. People are figuring out something isn't right with capitalism in America. These people own all the businesses while goy slaves work them and a goy slave almost has no ability to stage their own business like that.

  7. Kansas Football has lost 33 straight games to ranked opponents. Upset brewing?

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Chiefs 30 Broncos 13

    Mahomes injured 😩

  10. UCLA beat Stanford after losing to them 11 times in a row. Redskins are currently...they have 11 wins vs Niners lifetime...20-11-1

    1. Do you have Redskins beating niners this week? They need to start winning asap if you really think they make playoffs

    2. frankly, they can lose this game and still make playoffs.. they are only 2 games behind in division.. but it appears that between Patriots and niners.. this may be that 'bust out' game.
      .. that mambo sauce guy died.. may affect the Nationals and Redskins.


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