Thursday, October 31, 2019

115 138 159 631 | Houston Rockets Mike D'antoni picks up 631st win, night of 115th World Series

Mike D'antoni, the Houston Rockets coach, picked up his 631st win by beating the Wizards in Washington D.C., October 30, 2019, the night of Game 7 of the 115th World Series, where Washington D.C. defeated Houston.  631 is the 115th prime number. 

Notice the Rockets won 159-158.   

Scottish Rite = 159; Donald Trump = 159; Freemasonry = 158

The Nationals threw 159 pitches in Game 7.

The game was 138-days after Trump's birthday.

Donald Trump = 138 / 159
Nationals = 138
Dave Martinez = 138
Federal = 138


  1. Just remember guys... Zach didn't pick the Rockets to win last night.

    1. He's so wise after tge fact, ckueless beforehand. His patreon sucks ass, he's got no cojones!!

    2. Wow.. Glad I stopped following his Patreon months ago..

    3. What a pack of liars you are. I DID PICK THE ROCKETS TO WIN, AND THE NATIONALS. Pathetic.

    4. Lol then PROVE it. Oh right you can't. Lol you're FINISHED.

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