Tuesday, October 22, 2019

70 | A mother's warning about having white teenage sons, October 22, 2019 news

This news comes October 22, the day leaving 70-days left in the year.



  1. Houston Astros are winning World Series !!!

    "Houston Astros" = 75 and Nationals will pick up 75th loss of year when they lose 4 games in the Word Series

    1. you might want to do your math again, the Nationals stand at 69 losses this year.

    2. LMAO... so you are saying Nationals have not lost a game all post season??? what an idiot... they lost twice which puts them at 71 losses so far... 4 more puts them at 75

      Astros winning world series!!!

  2. WW1 the trailer for the movie 1917 is 2:07 long
    Main character name Chapman

    DC initials πŸ˜‚ career in 2007

    Houston #27 HR was off Chapman

    Houston can win WS in 17 & 19

    17th amendment = Voting for Senators
    19th amendment =Equal voting rights men & Women

    The Nationals were the Senators


    “W” is know for WALKER=25 BUSH
    2005 the Astros lost to White Sox

    Noticed there was a special on CNN about 8 men out
    The white Sox scandal
    1988 Trump=88
    1963 book same year Kennedy assassination

    + Trump is a nationalist
    Ukraine =34
    Harper #34 shipped out of DC
    DC sniper Malvo age 34
    The OT Super Bowl in Houston 34pts Patriots in OT
    25pt comeback

    Would be funny if we see a sweep

    I’m not picking a winner

    Both Teams share Spring training in West palm
    Beach next to MAR A LAGO

  3. White is the riddle word of the day, I guess. Donald Trump approved 4.5 million dollars funding for "White" Helmets in Syria. False flag attack coming. 4.5? 45.

    1. Penn st white OUT beat Michigan
      Penn st White helmets
      Synagogue shooting PA
      Joe Biden PA
      Trump won swing states Wisconsin/ Michigan/ PA

      There’s two dates 11/3 Seattle and 11/22 Dallas

      Big Ben is inactive just like Big Ben the clock
      Mason was knocked out
      Buckeyes player shazier paralyzed
      Brown out of town
      Black coach will be fired for being an uncle Tomlin

      The Datk knight rises movie was PA Batman quits

      Ward #86 runs thru stadium for the Gotham ROGUES

      Right now we have the ROGUE democrats Schiff & Pelosi

      Rogue cadet missing with M4 rifle

      Notice that HUNTER Biden under scrutiny
      Trump Jr was giving a speech at the SWAMP

      Notice the Florida man pulled the Gator out of the POOL there was a Gator in Chicago’s park

      Hillary from Chicago Trolling Trump and Gabbert Hawaii

      Hawaii had the false missile attack and fake Tsunami

      My money is on Washington DC like the movie “ Shooter”
      Mark (target ) WALLburg rhymes with Strousberg


      I wonder if BIden or Sanders gets itπŸ˜‚

      Look at Wahlbergs characters initials BS

    2. Washington DC = 1122
      Ricky Williams = 1122

  4. Astros will win the World Series 4-1, their only loss will come in Game 3

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  7. My bad Sanu will probably wear 15!!!!
    Since he lost Super Bowl 51 vs Brady πŸ˜‚

    Now Brady has a #1 receiver again πŸ˜‚

  8. @Ram
    Golden boy has a sex assault case on the 17th
    Tells me golden st loses tonight in lebrons 17th season

    49ers drop to 6-1 for Dwight Clark to Panthers
    Ron Rivera Wore 59 with bears
    Patriots 1959
    Belichick fired in 1995 browns 1 day contract with Jets

    Would be hilarious if 49ers go to 15-1 like panthers
    Hand Brady his 7th ring l

    Shanahan lost Super Bowl 51

    Now Sanu is a Patriot

    1. You don't realize that Brady is not allowed to beat the older nfc franchises. They beat eagles with a black QB but Eagles got it back with a white back up. They lost to Giants who gave them the tools for success. They have beaten Rams twice(but Rams won SB before that vs State of Belichick origin)..but will lose to them next year (Tampa Bay scored 55 on the Rams= Rams SB 55 in Tampa) carolina,Seattle,Eagles/Black QB, Falcons.. they've only been allowed to beat younger NFL franchises and had to give back to Eagles. They will give back to Rams next year.

    2. Brady has 1 more conference to defeat
      1 more stories franchise to beat
      1 more QB with a high powered offense
      That’s why they’re selling the Pats D

      We’re getting another boring low scoring Super Bowl
      Probably 10-9 πŸ˜‚

  9. Andrew Luck = Houston, born in Washington DC.
    Houston= Lucky stars? Use to be the Colt 45s?

  10. Colts vs patriots AFC
    49ers vs Packers or Vikings NFC

    1. It's season 100. Vikings are too young to be involved. Denver owner, Rutger Hauer.eddie Money..others? People who were born in the 1940s.. means older teams involved

    2. Lol your weak.. and fascinating

  11. sexual assault: report - New York Daily ...

    22 hours ago · Boxing mogul Oscar De La Hoya is being sued for sexual assault and battery, TMZ reported. ... The alleged victim’s civil suit claims De La Hoya, who won six titles under “The Golden Boy” moniker, invited her to check out his new home in Pasadena, Calif
    Hoya =6 titles under Golden Boy name.
    ? Brady only 6 titles as unofficial golden boy?
    Montana = true golden boy

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  13. Nothing in that article is untrue

  14. Vikes- skins, 13-13 lifetime..Case Keenum minn. Record was 11-3.Keenum can become 28-33, lifetime, with a win, like 1-33.
    Cousins 13-9-1 with minn., can be 13-10-1 with loss


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