Thursday, October 17, 2019

44 47 51 52 55 65 66 112 133 257 | Jim Fetzer ordered to pay $450,000 to Leonard Pozner, October 17, 2019, over his book 'No One Died at Sandy Hook'

This October 17, 2019 news from NBC, attacking the CONSPIRACY theorist Jim Fetzer, comes a span of 51-days from his birthday.

The October 15 ruling came 52-days before James Fetzer's 79th birthday.   
Government = 52; Authority = 52

The news first broke through the New York Times, October 16, 2019, a date with numerology connecting to Lenny Pozner.

The ruling was in favor of Lenny Pozner.

10/16/2019 = 10+16+20+19 = 65

The ruling came 313-days after Fetzer's 78th birthday.

313, 65th prime

This news comes on a date with 66 numerology.  51 and 66 connect to mass shooting.

10/17/2019 = 10+17+20+19 = 66

October 16 was also a span of 52-days before his birthday.

I've always wondered if James Fetzer, aka Jim Fetzer is controlled opposition.

Read about Noah Pozner, Sandy Hook and 112:

As for the October 15 ruling...

*In the background, on the radio, the song Only You by 112 is on right now.  I can't make this stuff up....

And, does Jim Fetzer live in Wisconsin?

10/15/19 = 10+15+19 = 44

Wisconsin also ties in with Lenny Pozner's HONR Network.

Think of the Synagogue of Satan.

Notice this action by the HONR Network on July 25, or 25/7, like 257, the 55th prime.

As for the $450,000 figure, he was found guilty June 18, 2019, 119-days earlier.

There's Leonard.

And about that name Leonard.

And for one last point...

337, 68th prime.


  1. "One Hundred Eighty Seven" = 112 and you are missing one of the BIGGEST 187 clues for today.... tisk tisk

    1. The homicide code. I like how in the new Modern Warfare game there is a map with a building that has the address 187 in big ass numbers so you can't miss it.

    2. That's funny I watch for numbers too while playing video games


  2. raymondbelljrOctober 17, 2019 at 3:10 AM

    What the fuck are you gonna learn after the Redskins don’t make the playoffs “oh I’ll get better I thought I had it I just don’t get it they have 54 50 49 I don’t get it they have these numbers maybe a script flipped blah blah blah I learned I learned”



    ram29jacksonOctober 17, 2019 at 10:38 AM

    I never say script flipped. I know its planned and stuck years in advance. I simply call it a wrong/ and move on. Like anything else in need to dwell on it

  3. Leonard Pozner does not exist. Look it up on no record of any Lenny or Leonard Pozner's

  4. President =133
    Super bowl score in atl 13-3
    Super Bowl 51 losers Falcons in Houston=112
    187 on an undercover cop=187 😂
    450k like 45 Trump

  5. "Lenny Pozner Versus Jim Fetzer" = ** 322 ro
    "Lenny Pozner Vs Jim Fetzer" = 119 red
    "ADL Controlled Opposition" = 112 red
    (ADL = Antidefamation League)
    Like you, I suspect Fetzer is part of the theatrical narrative.
    :D ;D

    1. I'd say Fetzer's "small" publishing house is in on the charade as well.
      "Moon Rock Books" = 58 (R)
      "Dave Gahary" = 47 (R)
      "Small" = 33 (RR)
      "after speaking face-to-face with Mr. Pozner, I am now convinced I can throw out all the carefully collected evidence of deception and staging in his case. Emotions know best after all! He cried, so he can't have lied! Case closed, America!"

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. "SHES" = 51(English Ordinal)(Sandy Hook Elementary School)
    "Theorist" = 51(Single Reduction)
    "October 17th" = 51(Full Reduction)
    "Oct 17" = 51(Reverse Ordinal)

    "Nobody Died At Sandy Hook" = 66(Septenary)

    "October 17" = 119(Reverse Ordinal)

    "October 17" = 47(Reverse Full Reduction)

    1. "Sandy Hook Father To Receive $450,000" = 133(Reverse Full Reduction)

      "Sandy Hook Father To Receive $450,000 From Conspiracy Theorist, Jury Says" = 211(Chaldean) - 211, 47th prime

  8. Rams I’ll hold you to the Redskins pick every season I studied that connects with this season the Redskins have done good so if you get this right which is a long shot than props to you man

  9. Kaepernick, Niners beat Pats in new England, 2 days after Sandyhook. Do jets get the upset?

  10. UCLA beat Stanford after losing to them 11 times in a row. Redskins are currently...they have 11 wins vs Niners lifetime...20-11-1

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  12. Fetzer has a Wiki page, clue number 1. Fetzer went to Princeton, clue number 2....Pozner sounds like Poser, as in Posing to be the Father. Good post, thanks.



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