Saturday, October 19, 2019

33 47 74 155 | Footage released of Keanon Lowe disarming student at Parkrose High School, October 18, 2019 +May 17 incident

This story is back!

Read about this May 17, 2019 incident here:

Notice the footage was released Friday, October 18, 2019, the day leaving 74-days in the year.

Again, Oregon is the only state that sums to 74 in Ordinal.

74 connects to 'active shooter' as well.

Oregon is the 33rd State, and October is the lone '33' month.

Keep in mind this happened on May 17, the 137th day of the year.  137, 33rd prime

For the clincher, the footage was released a span of 155-days later.

It was released on a date with 47 numerology.  10/18/19 = 10+18+19 = 47

Again and again, it isn't hard to see who is responsible.


  1. He was an Oregon DONALD Duck
    Football player.
    Oregon beat beat Washington
    38 ! 😂
    Hillary said there’s a Russian asset

    Round 1 pick 18
    Born in 89
    In ten games will be his 118th nfl game
    Vs the Ravens

    Elijah Cummings born on 1/18 Baltimore RAVENS state full of Rodents

    Raven Super Bowl 47 black out
    And 108 yard kick return

    Pouncey currently at 108 games played.

    Super bowl 47

    Final score 34-31=74 🖕


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