Tuesday, October 22, 2019

219 220 | Emmanuel Sanders traded from Denver Broncos to San Francisco 49ers, by the numbers, October 22, 2019

This trade comes October 20, 2019, 219-days after his birthday, or on the 220th day of Emmanuel Sanders age.

219-days after birthday.

220th day of age.


  1. Death of Denver owner, who was born in 1944..Niners started in 1946.

  2. Super Bowl 50 ritual panthers will defeat 49ers
    Waiting for a singletary or Vernon Davis story next
    But with 33pts scored last night
    Rodger Craig news ? Age 59
    I mentioned Ron Rivera #59
    Patriots 1959

  3. Garropalo #. 10 Sanders #10
    Brady #12 Sanu #12

    Houston=112 same city Brady defeated Shanahans falcons in SB51,

  4. Did you hear the baseball game? He said the coach or who ever told the announcer. ." I guarantee you, Soto will hit a Homer off Cole"= staged

  5. Harrybutts106October 22, 2019 at 6:13 PM

    Super Bowl 50 ritual panthers will defeat 49ers 
    Waiting for a singletary or Vernon Davis story next 
    But with 33pts scored last night 
    Rodger Craig news ? Age 59 
    I mentioned Ron Rivera #59 
    Patriots 1959
    Panthers lost SB and Niners got a Denver player.. so I don't see how that works that way?

    1. Ram
      Just watch the game , you’ve made terrible upset predictions
      Brady Super Bowl 49 24pts
      Manning 2-2 Super Bowl 50
      Newton college team scored 22 in the natty
      Huey P newton dead on the 22nd in 89
      Same year 49ers and A’s won WS
      Earthquake of 89
      Newton murder trial 68
      Elijah Cummings dead at 68
      #22 mccafferty dad Broncos
      #22 breada beast for 49ers
      Super bowl on 2/2
      Brady age 42
      The catch by Dwight Clark on #24 WALLS
      WALLS won SB 25 with Belichick

      Now watch Soto on the Nationals #22 😂

      This is my upset you just do not understand 😂

    2. Nah Rams looks like he’s gonna be right yeah he called the Redskins making the playoffs but so what he did his work it’s back firing it’s okay but it does seem likely the Niners defeat the Panthers after they got a Broncos player who won Super Bowl 50 which the 49ers hosted who also was in that Super Bowl and lost the Panthers so I’m guessing a Panthers loss 50th modern NFL season 49ers hosted Super Bowl 50.... etc etc

  6. Ram
    Just watch the game , you’ve made terrible upset predictions
    I've gotten 2 games wrong on one team.
    Small potatoes. Redskins have had the longest layoff of post season success in nfc east. They had 80s to 91.. Dallas had 90s, Giants 2000s ,Eagles lost and one SB in 2000s. Redskins get to win division this year and lose conf. Championship. The 80s was all about the niners and Redskins. The Redskins are on the verge of building a new stadium. The black QB us wearing number 7.. a very successful number in Redskins history. Doug Williams wore 17.. Mclaurin wears 17. Whether it's 7-9,8-8, or 9-7, the Redskins will be in playoffs. They lost to Pats/SF in their home. But beat Miami ,the host city. I will say that means playoffs for them but they concede bowing down to the SB teams.

    1. You’re weekly picks are awful
      You had Jets over pats cmon man

  7. BTW Everton Walls born in 59 age 59
    😂😂😂 belichicks former player
    Clark is DEAD the catch was with :58
    58 mvp of SB50
    58 was Carl Banks with Belichick

    1985 and 2019 same calendar years
    Bears 46 Pats 10 =56

    56 years ago Kennedy killed in Dallas on the 22nd

    It will all make sense

    Don’t forget #22 Mercury Morris is in charge of heckling
    Each year the dolphins remain the only undefeated team

    Notice the movie bohemian rasphody
    Freddy mercury dead at 45
    Dead on the 24th

    Brady stated he will retire at 45 he meant super bowl
    54 (9) his 4th consecutive

    Remember #21 dion Sanders was on that 94 SF team

    What age did Seau die ? 43

    Did the Patriots score 43 in Miami ?
    Which Super Bowls did Seau lose with pats ?
    What number did he wear in Miami ?

    You have to go back to the future to solve these

    Sometimes I post REAL clues sometimes I don’t

    PANTHERS have no chance to beat 49ers on the road
    But I’m nba king on the 6-1 record this game seems perfect to fit the rest of the puzzle

    I don’t like the 49ers in a SB only reason is Brady’s
    Favorite team growing up

    Beating Aaron Rodgers and the storied Packers
    Now Rodgers stopped the Steelers from ring 7
    Can he stop Brady from ring 7
    Farve denied Pats 1st ring in their 2nd super bowl
    #12 Rodgers vs #12 Brady sum 24



  8. Anonymous is about to take an L 😂

  9. I think the SuperBowl will be cowboys vs patriots as trump slogan is make America great again and the Dallas Cowboys nickname is America’s team the cowboys were great in the 70s fell off in the 80s and became great again in the 90s all to fall off in the 00s and 2010s as they are looking to become contenders in the 2020s

    1. The cowboys are already showing that they suck. Beating Eagles didn't prove anything.

    2. That doesn’t matter about the eagles I know the cowboys will upset the patriots in week 12 and cowboys will end up either around 11-5 or 12-4

    3. cowboys will end up 7-9 or 8-8, I say

  10. Harrybutts106October 22, 2019 at 7:38 PM

    You’re weekly picks are awful 
    You had Jets over pats cmon man
    So? Actually I did change that on my espns.. I forgot about here. I changed my mind Monday morning.. but yeah, sure I thought I saw something st first. I typed it here and forgot about it. The fact is no ok ne else exposes their thoughts here. It's pointless shit thst don't matter.. but at least I put up while everyone shuts up on the sidelines :) frankly, ,who knows who the hell any of these people are? It's like any forum where only 5 guts post anything. Whos fake? Who isnt? There's no reason for me to quit here. Thus is free time bullshit fun. Quitting smoking..that was actually important.

    1. How does or does not the Emmanuel Sanders trade fit in with your Niners SB narrative? Does this trade increase or decrease that prediction

    2. Well, he's a all star veteran who's been there. Pretty typical cliche.

  11. Week seven review naming the in teams.

  12. At time of trade, he's been in 134 games.
    There's the significance of 134 again.
    He was on Denver when they won SB 50 in San fran. Pats acquired San who lost SB51. There's your clues

  13. Sanu was in 53 games for AtL, but only started 52= Pats SB loss year. Sanu started 86 games total career,, Sanders has been 134 games


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