Thursday, October 17, 2019

46 77 130 | Charles Jones, owner of D.C.'s Capital City Mambo Sauce, dead at 46, October 11, 2019

Dead at 46.  It always stands out.


  1. can you say- Redskins upset coming....?

    1. Hmmm you may be right

      Case Keenum can get win 28
      49ers =28
      Jimmy can go 13-3 as a starter
      NFL =13
      NFL =49

      Upset =54
      Redskins =54
      Golden gate =45
      NFL =49
      Washington =49

      Redskins can go 2-5 with a win
      Jimmy =25
      SF =25
      49ers =52
      Garoppolo =52

      49ers can go 5-1
      Fifty one =100

      Redskins upset 49ers =115,223
      Garoppolo =115
      NFL =32

      Bay Area =26
      Case =26
      Jimmy =29
      Washington Redskins =229

      Remember the last time the Redskins made the playoffs I think was in 2015 when the 49ers hosted Super Bowl =50
      Washington =50

  2. Does Haskins upset the 49ers though?

    Dwayne =27
    Upset =27,54,81
    Backup =54
    Haskins =45,27,81
    Redskins =54
    Dwayne Haskins Jr =181,64
    Bay area =46
    Golden Gate Bridge =81
    Dwayne =90
    Golden gate =90
    Upset =18
    Back up= 18

    Haskins was a 1st round 15th pick
    Garoppolo =115
    Redskins upset 49ers 115

    He went to OSU
    Ohio State University =50
    Washington =50

    Nick Bosa on the 49ers also played at OSU

  3. Redskins upset 49ers= 115= useless, since you can reverse that to mean the same

    1. This is not how Gematria is used Ram. Im sure you did this with the Redskins Patriots as well as you were blasting Patriots losing to Redskins all over the place

  4. Yes but if you wanna put it towards the whole Redskins upset it makes sense since it’ll be the Redskins upsetting the 49ers with a win and not the 49ers upsetting the Redskins if they win

  5. upset=54,18,81,27
    redskins upset=54,171,18,81
    49ers upset=46,61,106,136
    forty niners upset=244,89,82,188

  6. Teams traveling East especially for early game don’t fare well. This is the year of the PIG 🐷
    Last year was the year of the DOG
    The 49ers now have a PUG=44/17
    Not good news for either team
    #85 Davis played for the 49ers is now a redskin

    I think something outside of football is going on with both cities !

    Let’s see

  7. Remember I posted the KFC commercial
    RUDY 2 and Rudy 3
    Ironic that AG William Barr Gabe religious speech defense at Notre Dame, hone of Rudy ?
    Ironic that Trumps Lawyer RUDY is under investigation?
    Ironic that Secretary of defense was in Rome with Pope Francis?
    Now 4 star general Mattis makes this comment?
    Mattis went on to joke that "the only person on the military that Mr. Trump doesn't think is overrated" is "Colonel Sanders," the founder of the Kentucky Fried Chicken fast food restaurant chain.

    Ironic that Senator brought a bucket of KFC to a hearing?

    WTF is going on ???
    The first KFC in Utah
    Mitt Romney Utah hates Trump
    And now the Lead special counsel Durban is from Utah ?

    Somethings up !


    Trump wings 😂

  9. KFC commercial Rudy 2 and Rudy 3
    Super Bowl 53 was on 2/3
    Look at the #45

  10. Rudy the movie 1993
    With Charles S Dutton who played ROC 😂
    Release date 10/15 like 115th congress and WS

    Budget 12 million / trump in office 1/20
    The cease fire 120 hrs
    Dolphins owner raised 12 million for trump
    Brady born in 77

  11. Anthony33October 18, 2019 at 8:24 AM

    This is not how Gematria is used Ram. Im sure you did this with the Redskins Patriots as well as you were blasting Patriots losing to Redskins all over the place
    Who said I exclusively use gematria? No one knows how it's used to begin with, or we'd all be happy. You have no clue how it's used either. It's one fifth of what I use. Today has nothing to do with 2 weeks ago. I know that regardless of this game, the Redskins will still make playoffs. . because they will make playoffs, something exciting should haopen. Pats always get upset out of the blue for no reason. Redskins beating niners is no surprise/ won't be a surprise. Narrative= both these teams coaches come from the Shanahan coaching tree.there was an article about all of them, including mcvay, being on the Redskins, in the SI nfl preview issue. .that was hint one about Redskins in playoffs. This is week 7..Dwayne Haskins is number 7. Isn't number 7 actually the more evil number to these guys than number 6? This should be an upset weekend all around, maybe

  12. I’m one of the first ones to even post about Redskins upsetting 49ers (WITH HASKINS) cause a upset always happens like that every now and then like Bills beating the Vikings last year


    I don’t know I know games are double and triple coded I wouldn’t be surprised if every team has a winning code for the Super Bowl every year but 49ers have a strong narrative this year really strong they sucked the last few years and now all of a sudden got so good like that I think it can go either way if Redskins lose they definitely aren’t making the playoffs but if Redskins win this game it could possibly show beating a Super Bowl contending team that they are legit gonna make the playoffs

    But I don’t know cause you still got teams like the Eagles Cowboys Packers Vikings Saints Bears Panthers Seahawks

    1. If Redskins lose this game, it doesn't mean they are definitely not making playoffs. They'd still only be 3 games behind. The entire division is tanking for them the rest of the year. They lose this game, start Haskins and edge their way into playoffs. But I'd say they win tomorrow anyway..Shanahan coaching tree game. Both teams finish 10-6

  13. If they beat the 49ers out of the blue they definitely are making the playoffs look at their division

    Cowboys 3-3
    Eagles 3-3
    Giants 2-4
    Redskins 1-5

    Eagles face the Cowboys tomorrow
    Let’s say the Cowboys win Giants lose and Eagles lose and Redskins win it’ll be

    Cowboys 4-3
    Eagles 3-4
    Redskins 2-5
    Giants 2-5

    It does put them closer
    But it does hurt the Redskins a lot because they are 0-3 in the NFC East so they will have to win the division or take a wild card spot from teams like

    Eagles 3-3
    Cowboys 3-3
    Packers 5-1
    Bears 3-2
    Vikings 4-2
    Seattle 5-1
    Rams 3-3
    Panthers 4-2

    There’s a way they can make it but if somehow they do and win their division or something crazy happens that would be insane


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