Tuesday, October 22, 2019

37 44 | Delaware church shooter beats attorney in jail, October 22, 2019 news

This shooting reportedly happened October 12, 2019.

Now you get this update on the 44 date numerology, October 22, 2019.

10/22/2019 = 10+22+(2+0+1+9) = 44 (Shooting = 44)

The shooter is 37.  Shooting = 37 / 44


The attorney is 52.


  1. A shooting in California and again it's connected to the governor.

  2. Hey can you break this down again... I am so hurt. They have found CUPCAKE MCKINNEY remains in dumpster. I felt in my heart yesterday that something was wrong in my stomach. It sucks because most wont believe that this was not a random act but a horrible event. I cant tell everyone the things i know as they are scared to believe these things are going on.. Can you do an update detailed articls as I will share with as many woke thinkers I know? articles just came out... Kamille Cupcake Mckinney .

    Thanks Zach


  3. Also on Kamille Mckinney can you make a youtube video on it that breaks it down.. .Ill be sharing it across the state. My people are smarter than most think.

  4. @unknown
    The story seems fishy
    Suspect name Brown and the town Tom Brown Village
    10 days ago on the 12th
    Alabama lost Houston=112 native Jalen hurts to Oklahoma
    Jalen #1 with OU and wore #2 with Bama
    Alabama is starting a new QB #10
    Tua #13 is out

    Amber alert =41
    Roll Tide=41
    McKinney =41

    Cupcake was the name given to Oklahoma thunder Kevin durant
    His 4th team will miss 1st season

    The Toyota center =Houston
    Their star player #13

    His move is step back 3 , cupcake 3 years old

    Alabama is on the 33rd parallel



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