Friday, October 18, 2019

74 | Trump is hanging Israel out to dry, October 18, 2019 propaganda

This Israel related news comes October 18, the day leaving 74-days in the year.

Jewish = 74

When Trump and Putin met in Helsinki, the first thing they talked about was protecting Israel.  Now they're both being talked about as if they're anything other than allies.  What a joke.

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  1. "Trump Is Hanging Israel And Netanyahu Out To Dry" = ** 223 rr

    Using a time-tested tactic to whip up support for Israel -- who is, (once again) wailing to the world that nobody likes them & that, because they (supposedly) "stand alone", they are justified in the carnage & chaos they incite.
    Ask the Israelis however, & they'll still tell you that Trump is "Theirs" ... & how some feel Kushner will eventually be deemed a messiah.
    Perhaps this propaganda is also an attempt to pull anti-Israel-leaning Americans towards Trump -- despite the overwhelming evidence that he has never wavered in his role as an Israeli puppet.
    Sigh -- the disinfo never stops ... :D ;D


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