Tuesday, October 29, 2019

39 | New York's LaGuardia unveils $3.9-billion terminal, October 29, 2019

On 10/29, New York unveils the $3.9-billion project.

Empire = 39; New York, NY = 39; NY = 39; NYC = 39


10/29/2019 = 10+29+20+19 = 78 (New York = 78) 



  1. Hmm. If government and Big Business aren't the same thing (all of it being Jewish Masonry setting up our goy habitat) why would the government pay for a terminal for a private airline? After all, Delta is just a creation of some random American who had a dream? If capitalism worked the way they tell us, the airlines would be building their own airports, except they'd have no workers to do it because no one would give a shit about their airport since people would say, "If we can all be airline owners, why would we work for others?" Therefore people had to be brainwashed into being job seekers in a rigged business climate/economy.

  2. Lol...Redskins. Niners beat them 9-0, minn. beat them 19-9.Redskins have 99 offensive points total so far. They are 1-7. They can win 8 and become 9-7. Trent Williams #71 is back. Haskins #7. If they beat Buffalo, I will nag till end of season if they keep winning and nfc east keeps losing. :)

  3. 39 books
    Seems like it’s going to happen again.
    Either the Brooklyn or Ed Koch Bridge 88!
    Amazon canceled in L.I.C by the 59th street bridge
    Knicks vs Houston 94-95
    AOC = Anaheim =39 Orange County =59
    No wonder Skaggs died 😂
    Dwight Howard #12 and 39
    Houston & LA
    WTC 93
    Building 1 & 2
    Flight 93
    Bus=39 fell in a sinkhole =39 across the street from
    Small world =39 day care in Pittsburgh
    Next to the WEST-IN
    Kanye West is in Sunday Church
    With his daughter NORTH west

  4. Venezuela = 39
    Marines = 39
    War = 39

  5. Joe Buck said “ The Astro’s lead the series 3-2 and lead this game 2-1”
    The Sum 53
    Impeachment =53
    Thursday =35
    Verlander #35

    At the 77th pitch they showed the joker in Astros orange
    In the 79th pitch Solo home run by Nationals

  6. Falcons got a kicker named younghoe koo lmao

  7. Redskins,Trent Williams ends his hold out, Nationals win game 6 forcing game 7.

  8. Trent williams nickname is Silverback, silverback=39

  9. Trent williams =86.. Bills are 8-6 lifetime vs Redskins

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