Thursday, October 31, 2019

82 138 235 | Fed cuts interest rate for third time, October 30, 2019, day of Game 7 of 115th World Series

This move came 138-days after Trump's birthday, on the date of Game 7 of the 115th World Series, won by the Washington Nationals.  Nationals = 138; Federal = 138; Donald Trump = 138

It was a date with 52 numerology.

10/30/2019 = 10+30+(2+0+1+9) = 52


  1. This news broke wayyyyy before the game even started and you are just now talking about it only AFTER the Nationals have won??

    Freedom to Find Hindsight Truth (dot) Com


    Like I said Kennedy dead 56 years ago
    Trump on 11/23 1,038 days
    The impeachment vote was stuck at 183 until it went to

  3. of course they need to cut rates, it will all implode, soon.

  4. This post gets 3 comments and its a train accident coming to the world. Sports like 50+ you all deserve what's coming. Sports betting won't save you from the real game.

    1. Truth right there. But what does Zach focus on so heavily? The sports. And not only that, it has become has total con job on the afore mentioned sport nutters for their mighty dollar. Go Zach you truthseeker!!! Instead you should be ranting EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY on the real truth.

    2. Even Zach's pathetic "decode" on this topic is sports focused. What a joke he has become.


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