Thursday, October 17, 2019

47 56 61 74 187 | Nancy Pelosi calls Elijah Cummings 'our North Star', October 17, 2019 +74-days after Obama's birthday

Read about Cummings death by the numbers:

Our North Star, eh?


He has died 74-days after Obama's 58th birthday.  Freemasonry = 58; Secret Society = 58

*He is dead at 68.



The top circle of the Masonic Compass symbolizes the North Star, known as the Pole Star.

Don't forget this Nancy Pelosi "47" moment:


  1. You are missing one of the BIGGEST 187 clues of all time all because you suck at this stuff..... I know where a 187 is and its a MAJOR clue... too bad you suck at this or you'd already made a post and video about it..

    1. Must be on a break from sucking your master's cock? Hush, f-----.

    2. Zack needs a safe space 😂😂😂

    3. I remember Zach had Colts vs Vikings in 2016 and Giants vs Patriots the year the Eagles won it which he switched to like week 4 of that season he switches all the time

  2. Look Freemason in german, Freihmaurer= thaht is the Original... I'm from Germany/Halle Saale.

  3. In my city, the history of the Masons is older than 1717, I think about 1500-1540, only the Gematria calculator does not work in German for News. I do not know a channel that brings German news in English.

  4. Deep cover=93
    93 days from his bday
    Cop killer=47
    Remember when snoop dog had the Trump video ?
    Dead President =74
    Dc sniper=88/47

  5. Tennessee looking to snap 12 year losing streak vs Alabama

  6. William Dawson was the first black chairman of the house oversight Committee. He was the 6th and 8th chairman. Cummings died 174 days after his bday on 4/26. The Chernobyl disaster was on Dawson's 100th birthday and Melania Trump, the second Catholic first lady, was born on Dawsons 84th birthday. Jesuit = 84. She turned 49 on the 33rd annivrsary of Chernobyl. Today is 6000 days since the last episode of Dawsons Creek aired. 5/14/2003


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