Sunday, October 20, 2019

62 63 72 82 105 107 307 | Sudden death of 52-year-old MLB umpire, Eric Cooper, October 20, 2019

This MLB umpire has died October 20, 2019, the 293rd day of the year (62nd prime), leaving 72-days remaining.

He is from Iowa, like Manager AJ Hinch, who manages the Astros, from Houston, Texas, who clinched a World Series spot one day earlier.

His team will face the Nationals, who if they won the World Series, would have 105 total wins for the season.

Notice how his name connects to the Washington Nationals in many ways.


The Nationals are 8-2 in the 2019 postseason.


He died on his 307th day of his age.

In light of him becoming an umpire in 1999, 20-years ago, and dying on the 20th...


  1. Eagles have 52 wins vs the Cowboys

  2. This means the opposite will happen because you said it

  3. Lol ohh my life and yours has changed because of it(sarcasm)..see ya next week dude. Just another day. :) glad I could help you feel good about yourself for a moment.


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