Thursday, October 31, 2019

33 34 19 | Stephen Curry's broken left hand, October 30, 2019 (Hoax)

So far this season, Steve Kerr has picked up three losses, and is off to a 1-3 start.

He picked up his 89th career loss on October 24, to LA.  89, 24th prime; Los Angeles = 89

He picked up his 90th loss to Thunder.  Thunder = 90

He picked up his 91st loss to Phoenix.  Phoenix = 91

Nailed all the Warriors games so far. 

 This fake injury comes on Stephen's 33rd week of his age.

Stephen = 33; Masonry = 33; Secrecy = 33; Order = 33

This also comes 139-days after the closeout game of the NBA Finals, June 13. Freemasonry = 139

139, 34th prime


  1. too bad you couldn't pick the suns to win before the game started

    1. I did pick it hours before the game on Patreon, needle dick.


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