Monday, October 21, 2019

33 147 158 235 | Sam Houston, October 22 1863, and the start of the 2019 World Series

Interestingly enough, the World Series, featuring the Houston Astros, begins on the 183-year anniversary of Sam Houston becoming the first President of the Republic of Texas.  183.

That date is October 22, 2019, the date of Game 1 of the 115th World Series.
Freemasons = 115; Masonic = 115


The World Series begins 88-days after his death anniversary, July 26.

The World Series begins 234-days (33-weeks & 3-days) after his birthday, March 2.

It is also a span of 235-days.

He died on his 147th day of his age, once upon a time.

The date he died on had 33 numerology.

7/26 = 7+26 = 33
7/26/1863 = 7+2+6+1+8+6+3 = 33

This is the first baseball championship in D.C. since 1933.

Notice that was the Washington Senators

They are the Minnesota Twins now, and they lost to the Yankees in the ALDS, before the Yankees

The day Houston died, is New York's birthday.

ALSO July 26 is the day leaving 158-days in the year.


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